Netflix has started the year very strongwith productions like lockwood academy either Kaleidoscope. In addition to these powerful international projects, we also has opted for Spanish products, especially, for the police genre. And it is that so far this year We have been able to enjoy The Snow Girl and now Infiestotwo Spanish thrillers that have captivated the audience.

One of the most interesting points of Infiesto is the setting of the tapewhich happens during the confinement that took place in our country in 2020. This difficult moment for the Spanish population led to a situation of total uncertainty for officials who still had to do their job. One of these groups is the police, who kept investigating cases and solving problems in the empty streets. The tape takes advantage of all this to show tension and social tension, using them in favor of the plot and giving it a very realistic touch.

Is Infiesto based on a true story?

  • the plot of Infiesto is not based on any specific real research.❌
  • Its script is completely original and was born from the mind of its director, who affirms that when he saw the Asturian mines he thought of a crime film.⚡
  • In addition to using these real locations to bring a realistic atmosphere to the film, it also was inspired by the mythology of the place.❓
  • The greatest connection to reality that we can find is that this type of ancient religion was practiced by druidic cults similar to those we see in the production.✅
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Although it is not based on a true story, It is undeniable that Infiesto manages to put the viewer in the shoes of the police during confinement. Without a doubt, this situation was very complicated and is very useful when it comes to generating moments of suspense and tension for the viewer. However, the tape does not stop falling into the conventions and clichés typical of the genre, which seems more and more tired and without originality.


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