We have already talked about Zaccagni’s letter (Latium), so now it’s time to do the same with Eljif Elmas Showdown (Napoli). Their teams will play each other next Friday, March 3. It seems that the SBC’s will be available in FIFA 23 until the day of the match and, if the Elmas club wins (they are local), they would get an average of +2 in this special version. It would only be an extra point if they tie and none if they lose.

Since we don’t know what will happen in the match, We are going to analyze if this item could be interesting with the numbers it has right now. He will have chemistry as an CAM or CM and, given his defensive stats, it doesn’t seem crazy to use him as an attacking midfielder.

Stats in game Elmas Showdown FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: CAM and MC. His SBC currently costs about 95,250 coins on the general market and 96,700 on PC. He has four stars in skills and a bad leg, medium / medium work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’84 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Eljif Elmas Showdown Analysis

Although he has some interesting virtues to be an attacker or a midfielder, It does not finish convincing us in either of the two cases. With the numbers he has at the moment, we don’t recommend him as a midfielder or in more advanced positions.

It will be more effective because of the 90 shot power, but his 80 finishing is low at the moment in FIFA 23. Although above all he worries about his pace, which with Cazador as chemistry will combine 95 acceleration with 93 sprint. They’re not horrible statistics, but they are weak. It is logical that, against top central defenders, they could be limited in counterattacks or if the defensive lines go a long way.

Its 82 ranking is another stat that doesn’t convince Elmas Showdown to play up. While the dribbling attributes are fine and his Body Type Delgado will favor ball handling, but Because I’m 1’84, I shouldn’t be someone exquisite either.. We don’t expect him to surprise us with his quality on the ball.

And if we plan to use him as a midfielder, his 85 in vision is somewhat low for this moment of Ultimate Team. In FIFA 23, using very precise midfielders with deliveries to space is more valuable than in other seasons. But since he does not stand out in this aspect, he will probably be at a disadvantage compared to other alternatives. Although his short pass (93) and long pass (88) are better.

Another possible lack of Elmas Showdown will be its defensive performance. It shouldn’t be horrible, but we sense that the back will help less than we would like. because unfortunately, combines medium/medium work rate with poor intelligence (71). And when this happens, the midfielders tend to disconnect from the plays more frequently. It is usual that, if we do not manage them, they are not in the key areas and go unnoticed.

The 80 interception and 83 steals are more correct. Apart from that, when he covers the rivals in a one-on-one situation, he will be more solid thanks to the 1’84 height. But since he has Slim Body and doesn’t exceed 75 in strength, nor do we expect him to be very forceful in the struggles.

For all the above, Elmas Showdown He does not convince us to be a midfielder or to play in attacking positions. With the stats he currently possesses, his finishing and positioning are weak. In addition to the fact that, in long runs, he could be out of tune with the typical FIFA 23 rivals who push their lines far forward and use very dominant center-backs.

Whereas as a midfielder, shooting and shooting attributes are interesting. Just like the four stars of skills and bad leg. But he will not have the outstanding vision of other alternatives, and above all we are concerned about his defensive performance. For the average/average work rate and 71 in intelligence.

Main special versions Napoli FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
We do not find more special versions of his nationality, but he shares a club with Raspadori RTTF and Di Lorenzo IF (cards thanks to fifarosters.com).

So is it worth it?

With his current stats, we would only recommend him (especially as a creative midfielder rather than an attacker) if he was absolutely necessary to form a very interesting hybrid. If you need it to create a FIFA 23 squad that you clearly want to test. But If you are not in that specific situation, we do not recommend it.

His finishing is weak for the top positions, the passing numbers no longer stand out, and the 85 sprint could bother us against opponents with top defenders. While as a midfielder, we would appreciate if your vision was superior and behind we can not expect a great performance.

If you are looking for a Serie A organizer, before we would sign Fagioli Future Stars. Someone who also does not have outstanding vision (87), but is a bit taller. And even if his work rate is also medium/medium, at least he has eight extra points in intelligence and six in stealing. All this being transferable and around 40,000 coins. free rovella would be another option, although you may not want to complete his long objectives.

Recommended Chemistry Style

We recommend Hunter if he will play as an attacker and Shadow if you plan to place him in the center of the field. Because in higher positions, he will appreciate the pace and shot boost. And as a midfielder, it is interesting that he increases his interception, intelligence, steals and tackles attributes.

SBC Solution

Challenge 1: Tactical emulation

Reward: Gold Players Small Pack.

  • Min. 1 Napoli player
  • Min. 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Min star value of the team: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Elmas Showdown
35,300 coins in the general market and 37,150 on PC

Challenge 2: Series A

Reward: Electro Prime Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Min star value team: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Elmas Showdown
59,950 coins in the general market and 59,550 on PC

Remember that the Eljif Elmas Showdown SBC expires on game day (March 3). Here you have the articles about the Showdown of the DortmundRB Leipzig. Also the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we publish content about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. All the best!

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