Introducing Pokemon Sleep, a new game that will help you sleep better.


After almost 4 years of silence finally the way Pokemon Company announced the launch of the game Pokemon Sleep It’s official. which will be released to play all together within the summer of this year

Pokemon Sleep

Get ready for a good night’s sleep with Pokemon Sleep.

For Pokemon Sleep, this game helps track the user’s sleep patterns. And will help to show how each type of sleep will allow us to meet which Pokemon. Pokémon that have a similar sleeping pattern to us will come and sleep next to the Kabigon as we can see in the example.

The game aims to turn sleep into a new form of entertainment. The amount of time we spend sleeping and waking up affects gameplay, and players can also wake up with their Pokémon every morning. It can be said that it truly pleases Pokemon fans.

Pokemon Sleep

In addition to Pokemon Sleep, the Pokemon Company has also announced Pokemon GO Plus+ For use in conjunction with Pokemon Sleep, if used together, this Pokemon GO Plus+ will use special Pikachu sounds as a lullaby. and the longer we sleep This electric mouse will become more intimate with us at our bedtime too.

Pokemon Sleep

The Pokemon Sleep app is slated to release this summer, while the Pokémon GO Plus+ gadget is slated to release on July 21 of the same year.

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