Inishie Otaku no Koiwazurai – Manga reaches its conclusion


The April edition of the magazine kissgives kodanshapublicou or final chapter of the MangaInishie Otaku no Koiwazurai“, of Nico nicholsonthis Saturday.

Inishie Otaku no Koiwazurai – Manga close to its conclusion

Sendo as well, the fourth and last volume of the Manga will launch in May.

Nico Nicholson launched the Kiss Manga in June 2021. Kodansha published the third volume of the Manga in October 2022.


Otaku culture has finally become popular and Megumi can’t get used to it. Divorced, with a teenage daughter, Megumi thinks with love about her days as an otaku – in 1995. After that year, she transferred to a new school and decided to start from scratch hiding her otaku interests. She found herself under the protection of one more of the basketball player named Masamune, who has a good heart and resembles one of her favorite characters. But, embora Megumi feels that the desire for fate is not there, she is devastated to learn that Masamune hates otakus.

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