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The famous Indie INFERNAX from Berzerk Studio celebrates a year with a free update with multiplayer and a new playable character

Make way for the new dynamic demon hunter duo from retro indie games.

Quebec City, February 28, 2023 – The musically talented developers at Berserk Studio once again wield their crushing mace to celebrate the first anniversary of their fiendish action-adventure game infernax. With a major free update, infernax will provide fans with a tasty multiplayer mode featuring a new original character with two different types of gameplay. The update will come to infernax on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this semester.

Check out Cervul the Squire’s multiplayer demon hunting and talents in the update trailer:

Celebrated by critics and adored by fans for its 8-bit “charm,” infernax it was one of the top indie favorites of 2022, with an average score of 80 on Metacritic across all platforms and over 1,200 “Very Positive” reviews on Steam. The bloody search for infernax stars the island’s knight and duke, Alcedor, who returns from a brutal battle to find his home overrun by the savage beasts of the underworld. Armed with his mighty mace and a thirst for justice, Alcedor must assume the fate of his world as he crushes unholy forces in pixelated pools of blood, gains powerful abilities and upgrades, uncovers the secrets of his island, and shapes his legacy through choices. morals.

The next update allows the bloodthirsty mission of infernax take place with two players simultaneously or in single player mode (if you want to control both characters), rebalancing the entire game for two-hero fights. The new character introduced to the game is Cervul the Squire, a well-balanced companion with deadly talents in ax throwing and tool combat. Cervul’s abilities to perform various attacks and buffs give him or both players advantages, and he has a heart of gold, unless you decide to go the way of the crow, which will unlock a whole different side to him. Taking the Dark Path will focus on dealing damage with different tools and a more… explosive playstyle.

The new content will also incorporate cooperative play in “Contra Mode”, perfect for players who like maximum firepower against the monstrous creatures in the game. This homage to the classic Contra game style is unlocked by completing the “Konami Code”, and with the addition of the second player, the home screen has now been redesigned for easy recognizability for old school gamers.

This next update follows the release of “The stranger” of 2022, which was the last content update for Infernax that added a playable character inspired by pop culture horror classics. The Stranger has his own arsenal of his own, turning monsters to blood with his devastating shotgun and an arsenal of deadly items, all while wearing a hockey mask, of course.

Exorcise your demons and prepare for all the dangers of infernaxavailable on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Check the latest updates on the official Web site of the game, adding the game to your steam wishlist and following the @berzerkstudio On twitter!

About Berzerk Studio
Founded in Quebec City in 2008, Berzerk Studio is an independent team committed to creating inventive and challenging experiences that balance high-quality humor and fun. Keep up with us and our games at and follow us on Twitter @berzerkstudio and @infernax.

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