In the state of Trujillo, the Compañía Anónima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela (Cantv) installed a Wi-Fi antenna in the Bolívar square in the town of El Paradero in the José Felipe Márquez Cañizales municipality, which will allow the inhabitants of this town to access free internet.

Through a press release, the company reported that the maneuvers contemplated the laying of approximately 13 kilometers of fiber optics, the splicing of networks, the installation and programming of equipment, which will make it possible to provide wireless connectivity in Plaza Bolívar and its surroundings.

With this new installation, Cantv adds 291 municipal capitals of the country interconnected through fiber optics.

It is important to highlight that the activation of this service was developed in coordination with the Telecommunications Technical Tables and the Trujillo State Government, as part of the agreements established in the National Congress of Public Services, held last December in the municipality Valera.

grateful community

Mireya Rodríguez, a resident of El Paradero and spokesperson for the Telecommunications Technical Boards, thanked Cantv for activating this service, which benefits a large number of students and the population in general.

“We are very happy about this important advance for our community; a rural population that for the first time has this service free of charge, which will benefit students and the population in general, providing Internet access in a public space”, he emphasized.

With this Internet access, not only will homes near Plaza Bolívar be favored, but also businesses, public and private institutions.

Internet Aba

On the other hand, through its account on the social network Twitter @salaprensaCantv, it was learned that this Monday the National Anonymous Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv) favored 30 families from the El Carmen parish in the Boconó municipality with the activation of the service from Internet Aba.

In a second trill, he pointed out that the sale of Wi-Fi modem equipment to these 30 families was executed in response to the requirement made through the VenApp application of 1×10 of Good Government, and in coordination with the Telecommunications Technical Table ( MTT), in order to guarantee connectivity.

It is worth remembering that a month ago the company carried out a special day to deliver Wi-Fi modem equipment to 100 families from the El Say community of the Boconó municipality for the enjoyment of the Aba Internet. In total, 130 families with large mouths in this urbanization of the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela have the Aba Internet service.

The company will continue to review the community service strategy through the Cantv Breakdown Resolution plan and the 1×10 Good Governance system.


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