Gaeta – Guarantee the regular payment of taxes and carry out a punctual and effective activity of prevention, contrast and repression of the criminal phenomena perpetrated in the customs and excise sectors, but also in the currency sector and in the specific segment of product safety has been the constant objective of theGaeta Customs Office and of the Territorial Operational Sections of Latina and Aprilia which close the 2022 business year with particularly significant figures.

In the territory of the province of Latina, the officials of the Customs and Monopolies Agency they ensured supervision in all areas of competence by presenting ten communications of news of crimes to the competent public prosecutors and ascertaining higher rights for over 15 million euros.
Among the aforementioned activities, the following are particularly noteworthy:

 an intra-community verification undertaken through consultation of the Central Liaison Office (Central Liaison Office for Administrative Cooperation) and with the use of financial investigations, the outcome of which led to the finding of over 8 million euros of VAT evasion for intra-community purchases and about 550 thousand euros of customs duties for goods from the United Kingdom;

 an investigation carried out on the subject of smuggling, with specific reference to the use of the temporary admission regime, of pleasure boats for which (according to the provisions of articles 250 and 255 of the UCC and articles 212 and 217 letter e) of the EU Reg, n. 2015/2446)a pleasure craft worth 500 thousand euros was also seized;

 fraud in the sector of subsidies for the use of commercial diesel in road haulage which led to the tax recovery of over 250 thousand euroswith imposition of an administrative fine of the same amount.
It should also be noted that in the customs area, more than 600,000 customs declarations were presented in the e-commerce sector alone, which led to numerous findings, mostly in the area of ​​product safety, with subsequent destruction of the related products not up to standard.

The control of the territory was supported by the verification activity carried out in the Office with which over a thousand declarations were checked in the sectors of electricity, natural gas and road haulage.

In the sectors of subsidies for energy products, electricity and alcoholic products, over 40 authorizations for subsidized employment were issued in favor of requesting economic operators, subject to verification of the existence of the conditions and requisites required by the reference standards. An authorization has also been issued for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO, certificate issued to companies which, by complying with certain requirements, are recognized as reliable by the Agency, and which brings advantages for them in terms of customs simplifications), 50 authorizations to the various customs regimes and over 30 authorizations to the status of Authorized Exporter and to the REX database. is on GOOGLE NEWS. To keep up to date with our news, click on this link and select the star at the top right to follow the source


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