In Guatire they hold a day for student registration of the Patria System


The Zamora Municipal Council organized a student registration day for the Patria System from the age of 15 at the Vicente Emilio Sojo de Guatire National Educational Unit in the state of Miranda, in order to provide attention to young people and deliver the ticket for the subsidy of the passage.

The president of the Youth and Sports Commission, councilor Jesús García Castro, stressed that the main task is to promote education and generate mechanisms to assist the student sector, complying with the policies of President Nicolás Maduro.

Youth care plan

He added that the Municipal Council will guarantee the mechanisms so that young people can make use of the public transport service and enjoy the benefits granted by the Bolivarian Government.

In addition, he stressed that with the registration of the Patria System, it is estimated that 5,000 high school students from the municipality will be incorporated.

Likewise, he urged the National Institute of Land Transport (INTT) to be the guarantor of compliance with the measure that will begin to be implemented in the town, as well as the local executive and the transport sector so that the units have the VeQR application.

He affirmed that the mechanism will significantly contribute to the continuation of the educational process of children and young people by facilitating the transfer to their respective training centers.

Youth care program

Councilor García Castro pointed out that care has been provided to the schools progressively through the delivery of sports kits, talks, among others.

Likewise, it indicated that the dissemination of the Special Law of Student Participation in the Secondary Education Subsystem is being carried out in community and educational spaces.

“Today the Student Participation Law in the Secondary Education Subsystem is being debated at Vicente Emilio Sojo, then we will be in the Educational Units of Juan Camacho, Ezequiel Zamora and Simón Díaz”

Dissemination display Student Participation Law

Through Brigade 256 of the country’s parliamentarians and with the support of the Municipal Council of Zamora, they hold informative meetings to publicize the benefits of the Law on Student Participation in the Secondary Education Subsystem, as stated by the deputy to the National Assembly, Azucena Jaspe for the state of Miranda.

He stressed that the Law establishes the competencies that students have and the leading role, in contrast to the matrix of negative opinion that has been tried to generate from sectors of the right, to ignore the scope of the Revolution in legislative matters.

The parliamentarian pointed out that now it is the students themselves who are going to publicize the importance of the organization and its direct link with the decisions inherent to the educational context of their level.


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