Technical and social assistance, care days through the missions: Milagro y Sonrisa; the National Surgical Plan, the assistance operations for the elderly, humanized childbirth and activities for children, are part of the results shown by the mayoress of the Piar municipality of the Bolívar state, Yulisbeth García, during the delivery of the Report and Account of its management corresponding to fiscal year 2022.

During her presentation held at the Plaza Bolívar in Upata, the mayoress reported that 70% of the budget execution was allocated to social investment, while 30% was for operating expenses, highlighting the significant support of President Nicolás Maduro, the governor Angel Marcano and the private sector from Upat.

in health

One of the most significant achievements of his management, is the activation of the “Yo Amo Upata” Hemodialysis Unit, where almost 900 thousand dollars were invested, which consists of 14 state-of-the-art machines, 12 positive machines and two negative ones. , where 84 patients are treated in the three shifts and benefiting the southern area of ​​Bolívar state.

It is a structure of the highest quality, which provides medical care to all those patients who have chronic kidney disease and who require dialysis therapy. “He stressed that only in revolution have the people received the helping hand of a responsible government.”

This information was given in front of Governor Ángel Marcano, the Government Cabinet, the Bolivarian mayors, councilors of Piar, deputies of the Bolívar State Legislative Council, civil and military authorities, as well as representatives of the private sector, community councils and professional unions, who They accompanied her in the protocol act.

“With morality and responsibility, we will continue working on the right path, defending the people in matters of health, education, health and public services, as contemplated in the Plan for the Homeland, within the framework of social justice,” said the mayoress.

Mayor Yulisbeth García emphasized that in terms of health they have another project called “La Ruta Oncológica”, which will have its oncological pharmacy, in the Gervasio Vera Custodio hospital, they are currently working to incorporate this service for the people into the public system, with a mammography machine.

According to his management report, 9,945 comprehensive days were also executed, 2,738 vaccination operations, 45 sterilization, for a total of 12,728 health days.

Other achievements in Piar municipality

The Piar municipality is a livestock and agricultural area, for this reason other priorities are the repair of the roads to the countryside, the farm, the herd, etc., with the placement of 4,000 tons of asphalt and more than 700 lights in Upata , as well as in the parishes of El Pao and El Manteco.

78 transformers were delivered, the traffic lights were also optimized. The construction of deep wells in Los Rosos and Sabaneta, and the maintenance of the sewage network in La Milagrosa.

Other emblematic achievements were the construction of the Yahir Becerra Housing Complex, the revitalization of public and sports spaces, the recovery of the Gisela Álvarez Meeting Village, and improvements to educational facilities.

The realization of the Tourist Carnivals, the strengthening of the cultural sector, in addition to the delivery of 350 farm licenses in the Potencia Municipality operation.

In this way, the municipal president promised to continue working together with communities, agencies, private companies and public officials, in order to solve the adversities that may arise in the municipality, but always highlighting investment in the social sphere.


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