At least 7,000 assemblies were held for public consultation on the Law on Student Participation in the Basic Education Subsystem, ordered for publication on February 7, the deputy to the National Assembly (AN) for the Socialist Party reported on Tuesday. United Kingdom of Venezuela (PSUV) Enrique Ramos.

In a television interview, the parliamentarian stressed that for this law “we complied with the mandate to go to public consultation. It has been the project with the greatest consultation with almost 7,000 assemblies”.

He stressed that the Student Participation Law in the Basic Education Subsystem invites and gives young people the autonomy to be able to join student movements.

Visits to educational centers: empowerment

In this sense, he explained that to carry out this public consultation, the deputies of the Permanent Commission on Education, Health, Science, Technology and Innovation, both from the opposition and from the Bloque de la Patria, were summoned to visit the educational centers.

The parliamentarian highlighted that during the consultation of the Student Participation Law they received many proposals, both from public and private educational institutions.

“I’m impressed because the young have been empowered by their law“, he said, adding that the students know and defend the project.

Student leadership

Deputy Enrique Ramos stressed that this project does not seek to replace teachers in the classroom, but to promote the autonomous grouping of students and their movements.

Likewise, this project seeks the role of student organizations in decision-making in educational centers and the community.

“We are writing a new story. Previously, in other governments, it was uphill for young people to be protagonists and group themselves autonomously. With the law they can organize themselves to define operating structures that have participation in the decisions of the institutions”, he said.

He added that the law promotes the grouping of students according to their interests and the activities they have in common, for example, “those who like poetry, culture, sports, dance, reading, scientists , The ecology”.

When promulgating the law, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, asked the students to strengthen their activity in the cultural field and the Government to give them all its support.

He urged that in all high schools there be a nucleus of the Orchestra System, the César Rengifo Theater Movement and the Juana La Avanzadora Dance Movement.


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