afterIllusion released Room Girl on September 30, 2022. Many fans should have already experienced each other in every corner. Today is the right time to come toreleased a new expansion in the name Room Girl Paradise

This expansion comes with new content that will make Room Girl more diverse and deep. There will be new habits and characters to choose from, maps, sweet scenes, and many new character customization options.

room girl paradise

The new character is a sexy Chinese Muay Thai girl. and girls wearing kimonos ready to serve

The new map is a Chinese restaurant in an alley with Muay ladies. and ryokan hotels with kimono-wearing girls

There are also new clothes, hairstyles and outfits in the game. Whether it’s a beanie, curly hair, a leather suit, a waitress suit, a cyberpunk suit. And there are some new erotic scenes as well.

room girl paradise

Room Girl Paradise is scheduled for release on April 28th.

Translated and compiled from
Sankaku Complex

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