ICC uses NGOs against Venezuela


We open with the statement issued by the Venezuelan government that reports on a communication sent to the International Criminal Court that denounces that the prosecutor’s office of that entity is using material from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), that is, unofficial and politically motivated information, to put together a case of violation of human rights in Venezuela. The document recalls that since 2018 an investigation against the Venezuelan government promoted by Donald Trump and Iván Duque was activated at the ICC as part of the “regime change” strategy that sought to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela denounces violations of due process in this case and denies the accusations, assuring that the country has demonstrated its commitment to guaranteeing human rights.

at the UN

Yesterday I told you that Foreign Minister Yván Gil had arrived in Geneva to participate in the 52nd Period of Sessions of the UN Human Rights Council and that this would generate news. Well, today I tell you the fundamental thing that has emerged from there.

Gil denounced what is an undeniable reality: the sanctions and the blockade imposed by the US against Venezuela violate the human rights of the population.

“These measures are the continuity of neocolonialism, and now they are implemented as political and economic weapons by the hegemonic countries to the peoples of the South.”

The foreign minister also develops a full diplomatic agenda, with meetings with representatives of friendly countries from various continents and participation in various conferences within the framework of the session. For example, he intervened in the High Level Panel on the Right to Development.

Russia and Venezuela

Another noteworthy piece of news is the visit to Venezuela of the secretary of the Russian Security Council. He was received in Miraflores by President Nicolás Maduro and they discussed the consolidation of agreements in strategic areas.


It is news that, until yesterday, at least 120 hectares of the Henri Pitier National Park had been burned. The governor of Aragua, Karina Carpio, flew over the area yesterday and said that they were still fighting to control the fire.

behind the rabbit

Speaking of Aragua, the Bolivarian National Guard is hard mobilized behind the El Conejo gang, which moves through several municipalities in that state after the authorities expelled it from Las Tejerías a year ago and put it on the run. They knocked down a sentry box and several criminals from his gang grabbed him. A few days ago they knocked over a drug shipment. They are giving him no quarter. Earrings with this.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that yesterday’s exchange tables yielded an average of 24.36 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Chile: battle against fire

The situation of forest fires in Chile continues in terms of emergency. The thing takes more than two months. From December to here, 26 deaths related to these fires have been recorded. Work continues to fight the fire by Chilean firefighters and international aid brigades, among which the specialists sent by Venezuela stand out, by the way.

Colombia: alliances and movements

Just six months after assuming the presidency, Gustavo Petro made the first changes in his cabinet yesterday. He replaced three ministers: Education, Sports and Culture. The analyzes indicate that these are negotiations with the parties that make up his government alliance that have to do with the support he needs to carry out the labor and health reform proposals.

Whales in La Guaira

Do not miss this video that shows a pair of orca whales swimming near the coast of La Guaira. They were recorded by people who came in a boat from Los Roques. Apparently, the low temperatures cause these species to come closer to the coasts.


Twitter went down

This morning, while I was finishing writing this newsletter, Twitter presented a general failure, that is, worldwide, according to media reports. New tweets could be written, but the system did not show you the timeline, that is, the new tweets written by the people you follow. You could see the tweets if you searched for a particular account and accessed their profile, but nothing in what they call the “feed.” The blank thing appeared as if you were not following anyone and you were new to the platform. Look:

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