Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​looks like a G-Shock but you probably can’t buy it


Huawei revealed the Watch GT Cyber ​​at MWC, having launched it in China, but it’s not widely available sadly.


The Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​has previously been announced in China, but the company has now shown it off behind closed doors during Mobile World Congress 2023.

The smartwatch is detachable from its casing, bringing a whole new meaning to interchangeable straps. While it’s possible to easily switch up the look of many smartwatches and fitness devices, the Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​allows you to change the entire casing and strap, with the smartwatch element simply ‘popping’ out.

There are a total of six casing and strap options – the straps don’t detach from the casing themselves – and the interactive watch faces will change depending on what casing you snap on. It’s also possible to change the crown if you want to.

Cases and straps are split into Sport and Urban collections, with the former featuring a fibre-reinforced composite case – similar to cheaper Garmin watch cases – and the latter featuring more expensive, premium stainless steel and ceramic finishes. The square-ish casing measures 47mm across, and so it’s not a small watch by any means.

In terms of specifications, the Watch GT Cyber ​​is similar to the excellent Watch GT 3, which we loved at Pocket-lint. It’s got a sharp 1.32-inch AMOLED display boasting a 466 x 466 resolution touch-sensitive panel. The Cyber ​​model has been through 16 durability tests, and it offers 5ATM waterproofing. It’s also said to have a seven-day battery life, which isn’t quite as good as some of Huawei’s other watches.

Huawei told us at Mobile World Congress that the smartwatch features all its TruSeen heath and fitness monitoring, including TruSleep and there are all the features you would expect on board too, including Bluetooth calling, workout options and there’s a wrist-based assistant too.

Using the Huawei Health platform, you can pair it with an Android or iOS phone as well as Huawei’s own devices, and get access to a plethora of run coaching plans and activities.

The only problem with this innovative smartwatch is that it’s not widely available. If you live in China, or some parts of South East Asia, the Watch GT Cyber ​​is already available. For those in Europe or the US, currently Huawei said there are no plans to bring the Watch GT Cyber ​​to shelves.

Sorry, perhaps we should have led with that before getting your hopes up that you might be able to get yourself a smartwatch with plenty of different looks. If you do live in an area where the Watch GT Cyber ​​is available though, there is one smartwatch module in the box, along with two casing and strap options so you get two looks in one box and then you can buy the extra casing and strap options separately.

We will be bringing you a first look of the smartwatch from MWC as soon as we can.


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