how to have your own shop in Hogsmeade and earn more money with it


Do you know that we can have our own store in the town of Hogsmeade within Hogwarts Legacy? When they gave it to me I couldn’t believe it and it made me feel like a true magnate in search of the stonks of the wizarding world. Well, this can be obtained by completing one of the secondary missions that will come out once you are quite advanced in the story. Next, I will tell you what this mechanic is for and, below, how it is unlocked.

  • Having a shop in Hogsmeade helps us, basically, to get more in-game money by selling items 🤑
  • That is, if we sell the equipment that we are not going to use in our own store, we will get an extra amount of gold coins

Guide to complete the mission Own Business in Hogwarts Legacy

To start, you will have to go to Hogsmeade (you need to be a little late in the main quest) to activate the quest there. You will see that you can talk to a house elf in the street called Penny. Once you chat with her, you will have to go talk to another character: Cassandra. She is she will tell us that she can rent us a store in the village. When you’re done chatting with her, talk to Penny again and enter the store. to clean it inside using the Reparo spell.

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When everything is collected, talk to Penny again. She is she will tell you that you have to look for something in a chest in the back room. When you open it, you will see that it leads to a dungeon, Enter it to continue the mission.

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This dungeon is somewhat complex to explain step by step, since it is based on a kind of challenge in which the game will annoy us little by little through psychological suspense. For this reason (and despite the fact that below I continue with the most complicated puzzles of the mission) Here are some guidelines that you will have to repeat every time you get stuck somewhere in the dungeon:

  • If you see that you have reached a dead endturn around, since a new path has probably opened up behind you 1️⃣
  • Use Lumos in dark areas to reveal important things 2️⃣
  • Go launching Revelio from time to time so as not to leave anything along the way 3️⃣
  • Pay attention to what the character is saying: it will give you good clues about what you will have to do in the mission 4️⃣

Keep going through the dungeon. meet the ghost that inhabits it and chase it through the labyrinthine corridor that is this mission. Soon you will come across a door that you cannot open with a post next to it where you have to place a lantern. This is floating to the left of the door. Guide it with Wingardium Leviosa to the pillar to open it.

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After going through the door and talking to the ghost, you will have to search for two more lanterns. Each of them will appear if you complete the routes on each side of the door. Well then, We are going to start with the one on the right, where you will access some gloomy gardens.

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To the right of the gardens you will find a corridor through which you can proceed. You will come across a lantern that is floating, so you already know what you have to do to open the door that you will find there. Keep going down the path until you come to an area with a giant chess set. Some tiles of it will break, so you have to be careful. However, progress can easily be made since we will be able to knowing which ones will fall apart if you look closely at them, since some will be cracked and others will not.

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Keep going until you come across another lantern that you can put on one of the little benches in the garden you entered through. When you do, it’s time to look for the other one in the corridors on the left side of it. This area doesn’t have much of a mystery: keep advancing, facing fights and placing some more lanterns until you reach the end and find the one that you can place on the left garden bench. With both placed, the door will open.

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Upon entering through the gate of the gardens you will have to face the ghost. Well then: all you have to do is destroy all the mannequins that you find there until the ghost escapes. It will be then when you will have to return to the main room and, this time, take the route to the left.

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The structure of this route is the same as that of the gardens: a central door in which you will have to place two lanterns, which are at the end of the paths that will be on each side of the place, which in this case is a kind of from library. The good thing is that these roads do not have too much mystery: go forward with lumos, placing lanterns and facing combat until you reach the final lanterns and place them on the central door posts.

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When you can enter through the door you will have to face the ghost again in the same way that you did in the gardens: kill all the mannequins until it escapes and the door in the center of the previous great room opens. When crossing the latter, the great final battle of the mission against the Annoyance Monster awaits you, which can be easily defeated as long as you dodge when he touches, throw various ancient magic at him and throw things at him every two by three.

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Talking to the ghost will take you out of there to talk to Penny. She is she will reveal the truth to you and it will be then when you will have to go in search of Cassandra. You will have to defeat her like another final boss (it is much easier than the previous one) and, once you do and talk to the House Elf again, the Hogsmeade shop will be yours.

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