Despite Fortnite It is no longer what it was in terms of the new content that is coming to the battle royale that significantly changes its gameplay, the truth is that Epic Games He always makes sure to offer us reasons to come back to the game from time to time. And precisely on this particular occasion I am talking about the free objects that we can obtain from time to time with some other promotion; being the one who receives the name Cipher Missions which will occupy our attention here.

How to complete Fortnite encryption missions get free items in the game

  • The encryption missions They are already available in the game and can be completed until March 7
  • The thing is, for each mission of this new batch that we complete, we will obtain an unprecedented reward ❗️
  • Next, I leave you with all that you have to complete to get the free items
    • 7 Encryption missions without encrypting: graffiti let there be peace
    • 15 Encryption missions without encrypting: Order Up loading screen
    • 24 Encryption missions without encrypting: smiley deciphered
    • 3 Cipher missions encrypted: wrapper Circuitry
  • Next, I leave you with an image of the objects so that you can take a look at it with your own eyes:
fortnite objects

The good thing is that his own Fortnite It will tell you what you have to do at all times to complete all the missions, so you won’t find much problem when it comes to overcoming them without major complications. Of course, I recommend that you hurry since, as I mentioned before, They will only be available until March 7.. That is to say: a few days before this Season 1 of Chapter 4 ends.

Lastly, I can only remind you that I will be attentive to any new Fortnite promotion that comes to light to tell you about it as soon as I find out that it exists.


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