In this guide I will explain step by step how to complete the secondary mission “Troll Control” of Hogwarts Legacy. It may seem easy, but you’re going to have to face a troll that has little to do with those of Hogsmeade. This one is strong and will tank a lot of damage, so be ready for battle!

Cabbage Kidnapping Side Quest Guide

how it starts

You must go to a town called Meadowview, located southwest of Hogwarts. There you can talk to a woman named Alexandra Ricketts, who will tell you that has been trying to tame a troll to make it friendly, which… well, it has not gone well. So you have to take care of defeating him so that he stops doing damage.

Alexandra Ricketts

How to complete it

Well, you just have to go to the location marked on the map already fight. You do not have to do anything else. Watch his movements well and dodge and use Desmaius when he touches. Also take advantage of your entire compendium of spells. And make long combos to pick up more ancient magic to land special attacks on it to take a lot of life out of it.

Fight against Alexandra's troll

Once this is done, go back to Alexandra and explain how it went. This is how you will collect your reward.

mission rewards

  • you will get a troll hat

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