how to complete the mission ‘Reborn of the Phoenix’ and get it in the game


Given the sheer amount of content out there on Hogwarts Legacy, it is very possible that we overlook something. Well, my mission with this guide is to avoid you that unpleasantness, precisely, with one of the coolest elements of the game: we can get a phoenix to take care of her in the room of requirements.

Something for which we will have to complete the Hogwarts Legacy side quest known as The Phoenix Rising. After carrying it out, we will obtain the animal, as I have already told you before. Next, I will tell you step by step how to overcome it to get this incredible reward.

How to get the Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

To start, you will have to activate the mission by talking to Deek (he will send you a letter when he is ready to assign it to you). The important thing is that you go doing all the missions that he entrusts to you in the room of requirements, since this will be one of the last. This will force us to go to a cave that will be indicated on your map when you accept the mission. Get into it and Go forward remembering to burn the cobwebs you find by using Incendio or Confringo on them.

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Keep going through the cave until you reach a room where you will have to face off against a large group of sneaky wizards. kill them and throw depulso on a wooden wall that you will find in the cave to be able to continue advancing through it.

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If you continue through the dungeon you will eventually reach a second room where you will have to take down another group of sneaky wizards. Kill them all and continue through the door that is locked with a bolt (you can open it by using Alohomora on it). when crossing it, a small cinematic will jump where you will see the Phoenix and it will be then when you will have to follow it.

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Keep going through the cave until you come to a third confrontation against yet another group of poachers. When you finish them, you will see that in the room there is a rock wall that you can break by throwing Depulso on it. When you do, you will be able to continue progressing through the dungeon until you encounter the Phoenix again. That’s when you can capture it using the Trincasaco.

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