Fiumicino – “For several years, we have embarked on a path, that of fighting to be able to bring a hospital to Fiumicino does not cover only the pediatric age group, but that it can finally make up for the thousands of problems of our fellow citizens. Hospital also means RE-finally having an emergency room in the area”.

Talking is Massia Maximilianexponent of Polo dei Moderati – Energies for Fiumicinowho explains: “As citizens who want to see their right respected, we are tired of the passing of the buck that the Municipality and the Region usually exchange, we are tired of witnessing bogus electoral promiseswhere we remember funds allocated only in certain periods, we are tired of listening to what is usually disregarded. Let’s point the finger at who administers our city todayà, who seems to have blindfolds on his eyes and does not see that the difficulties are increasing, that the lack of emergency vehicles in the area is increasingly alarming, that our doctors are forced to carry out their duties in now disarming conditions…”.

“Today we boast a city that has over 85,000 people, which increase by at least 30% in the summer, transforming the municipality of Fiumicino into a real powder keg (not counting all the people who pass through the airport) – continues Masia -. The ‘outdated’ news concerning the expansion of the Via Coni Zugna complex is being presented again today, again with the creation of a ‘Community Hospital’. But what is a Community Hospital? The Community Hospital is a hospitalization facility of the territorial assistance network and performs an intermediate function between the home and hospitalization”.

“In short words, the Community Hospital is nothing more than a residential facility capable of providing short-term health care. It is reserved for those patients who, while not presenting acute pathologies with a high need for medical assistance, cannot be adequately assisted at home – he concludes -. It is certainly a step forward, we have no doubts, but at the same time, the lack of a first aid center remains, in addition to the lack of emergency vehicles (ambulances). There are alternative solutions to calm the situation, just having the will to carry them forward”.

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