Here’s your first protogem code from 3.5


The players of Genshin Impact We are already enjoying version 3.5, despite the fact that it is not the version with the most novelties in history, let’s say. Even so, I could be spending all my protogems in Dehya and eventually I’m saving them since then they will put it in the permanent. Even so, I am seeing that before version 3.5 is finished I am going to end up pulling it to see if it touches me. And I might even shoot for his gun if I get it soon!

In any case, as usual, every time you start a new version, Players will be able to get a Genshin Impact code since it is his own HoYoverse the one who shares them. And yes, now that version 3.5 has started, there is already a code rolling around, which will be great for you to get free some extra protogems for your spins, whoever they are for!

New Genshin Impact code for 3.5

Once again, credits to kovak who is who has shared in Twitter the new code of Genshin Impact, which I leave you next with your reward:

  • The code is LA9C3RHPPHQH
  • What you will get with this are two rewards:
    • 60 protogems on the one hand
    • And on the other hand, 5 Adventurer Experience

How to redeem Genshin Impact codes

There are two ways to redeem game codes, depending on the option you choose to do so:

From the web

  1. Go to the Genshin Impact official website
  2. Once inside, log in with your account HoYoverse. You should note that if you are a PS4 or PS5 player, after the 2.0 update you must link your PlayStation account to the HoYoverse. In this link they explain how
  3. Write your region, nickname and the code. And ready!

from the game itself

  1. Go to the Paimon menu and enter Settings/Configuration
  2. Once inside, go to Account
  3. Within Account you will get the option to Redeem code. Get in there and… Redeem!

what do you think of the new live stream of Genshin Impact? What are you most interested in? I’m reading you for the comments!


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