Rome – In the course of targeted checks on people subjected to house arrest, the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome have arrested two Roman men aged 37 and 48 yearsi, with precedents, seriously suspected of crime of evasion and against the 48-year-old also of the crime of false attestation of his identity.

The two men were caught outside their homes, without having a regular permit. In particular, the first arrest was made by the Carabinieri of the Rome Acilia station on the afternoon of Monday 27 February. The soldiers reached the home of the 37-year-old, confined to house arrest and after ringing several times, without receiving any response, they were due intervene and rescue him as he was injured while trying to reach the house using the gutter. The escaped, aware of the presence of the carabinieri patrol near the house, in an attempt to enter through the side window of the house he was injured and was rescued by 118 medical personnel who accompanied him to the Sant’Eugenio hospital. After being treated, he was taken to the barracks and detained.

The second, on the other hand, was stopped by the Carabinieri of the Operations Unit of the Roma Casilina Company, in viale Palmiro Togliatti, during a check. The military transiting have noticed the man while he was having a conversation with a person, probably a girl who was a prostitute e at the sight of them he immediately vanished. The patrol reached him and once stopped, upon identification he has provided false information. However, a few minutes were enough to trace his true identity and the fact that he was supposed to be under house arrest. Both arrested appeared before the Court of Rome which validated the arrests.

For the record, and for the protection of those under investigation, we recall that an accusation is not equivalent to a conviction, that the evidence is formed in the Court and that the Italian judicial system in any case provides for three levels of judgement.

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