Halo Ending Explained

The conclusion of the first season of the series Halo has shown us an intense Battle between Silver Team Spartans and Covenant forces. The outcome of this skirmish has left the Master Chief in a very difficult position and has ended the life of Makee. Keep reading to discover all the information you need to know in order to understand the complex finale of Halo: The Series.

What are Halo Keystones?

  • The conclusion of the Halo series sheds some light on the true utility of the Madrigal Cornerstones.❓
  • These artifacts were designed to be combined into an old temple on the planet Implement.⌛
  • Putting both tools together activates an ancient technology that shows a map pointing towards the Halo Ring.🗺
  • This structure built by the forerunners it’s kind of highly advanced weapon that they used to fight the Flood Swarm.⚡

Why does Makee die in the final chapter?

After a difficult childhood, suffering as a worker in the Oban junkyard. She after a while she went “rescued” by the Covenant, who call her Blessed because he is one of the few people who can lead them towards Forerunner technology. Makee believes that she will be allowed to make the journey to the Halo Rings next to them, but in reality they plan to let her die when she reveals the star map.

makee halo
Makee sacrifices herself to save the Master Chief.
  • During the final battle she feels divided, since does not want to succumb to the power of the Keystonebut her feelings for him Master Chief they urge her to help him.❗
  • To avoid being killed, he decides to activate the artifact, generating a energy wave that interferes with the Covenant.⚡
  • Upon being struck by the energy, she and John are transported to a Halo Ring Simulationin the middle of the fight.❓
  • After seeing what happens, Kai is forced to shoot Makee. to get them out of the vision in which they are trapped.🔫
  • The gunshot wound ends up being fatal and the Master Chief’s mistress ends up dying.❌

The relationship between Cortana and Master Chief

cortana halo
Cortana and Master Chief have a complicated relationship.

Although in the series Cortana is created by Dr. Halsey to take control of John’s mind., the AI ​​ends up siding with the Spartan. After being wounded during the final battle, the Master Chief asks you to take control of his body and thanks to this he manages to survive and escape with the Silver team. For now We don’t know if Cortana will be able to give him back control of his bodysince we have not seen him speak on his own again.

What is Dr. Halsey up to?

Halo review: a science fiction series with a lot of potential that doesn’t quite come together

After replacing herself with an identical clone, the Machiavellian doctor manages to escape the clutches of the UNSC. We don’t know how long this scientist has been operating on her own, but since it takes 12 months for one of these clones to start failing, He must have been betraying them for more than a year. The end of the episode informs us that Halsey think that the Halo Ring is the secret for humanity to transcend and will continue to search for it with a fanaticism similar to that of the Covenant. Most likely, we will see what he plans in the second season.


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