H1-KEY, a girl group that is growing exponentially after Rose Blossom soars to the TOP 50 on the Melon chart.


In the midst of today’s competitive K-Pop scene that is raging with new record-breaking turns, H1-KEY from GLG is another girl group that can be called a game-changer in today’s K-Pop industry. Rose Blossom with their mini-album that was released on January 5th. created a great phenomenon Their quality songs managed to reach the Top 50 on the Melon Chart and the Top 20 on other South Korean charts with amazing success.

Rose Blossom A song with good meaning about the story of growing roses in the concrete jungle. which is like all 4 girls, Seo Yi, Riena, Hwee Soo and Yale who are fighting and going through various obstacles. to pursue the dream of becoming an artist It also has an encouraging meaning for people who are in difficult situations by implying that the sky after the rain is always beautiful. In addition, this song is also special because Young K from Day6 has written lyrics that have a deep and beautiful meaning.

With their viral songs constantly climbing the charts, H1-KEY managed to take their group to No. 3 on the Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings. The Earl Group with the highest brand value influence February 2023, after NewJeans and BLACKPINK as well

H1-KEY is another K-Pop artist that is worth keeping an eye on due to the exponential growth of the girl group from a small label that has received the miracle of music to help them gain popularity. interest from many people



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