GTA VI will have an improved feature that will ‘blow our minds’, according to an insider


There are so many occasions in which I have had to talk about the occasional GTA VI leak in the past that I could start by saying that I am tired of all the rumors that have come out around him, but nothing could be further from the truth: everything that arises from the game draws my attention with all the force in the world and, precisely, on this particular occasion the opposite could not be the case.

Of course, this time I am going to ask you to take those details that I am going to share with you and you below with more tweezers than on previous occasions, since they come from an insider who has a good record of successes in terms of leaks of the saga, but the conditions in which these new details about GTA VI have emerged seem a bit strange to me. Be that as it may, I leave you with them below so that you can draw your own conclusions.

GTA VI will have a substantial technical improvement compared to previous installments of the saga

  • The insider in question is called Alex Venturas forks who has disclosed the information in question
  • According to their sources, Rockstar has created a specific team for GTA VI made up of 20 engineers who will work on a single element: water 🤔
  • That is to say; the physics and the appearance of the latter will be something never seen before in the saga
  • According to him, Rockstar has generated so many benefits with GTA V that it has been allowed to create new equipment for this type of detail for the sequel 🤑
  • In addition, it ensures that movement through the water it will be something that will be very well integrated into the game (I suppose he means that some missions will make use of it)
  • The insider ended by adding that this new physics system in the water will allow Rockstar to recreate other sports for the saga, such as Surfing

What do you think of these new rumors about GTA VI? I read you in the comments.


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