Great success for “Never again”: the conference on young people in the post-Covid era


Rome – On 27 February at 5.30 pm, in the “FISMU conference room” in Piazza Antonio Meucci 23 in Rome, theThe conference “Never again alone: ​​young people in the post-Covid era”. The event set itself the goal of analyze the state of young people after the pandemic period, with numerous cases highlighting boys and girls who currently live in a state of isolation from the rest of society. This, a phenomenon defined by sociologists and psychiatrists as “Hikikomori”, which translated into Italian would result in “voluntary social retreat”. Dynamics on the model of the lockdown for the pandemic which, in addition to closing all relations with society on the part of those who suffer from it, also produces serious repercussions on their psycho-physical health: panic, states of anxiety and depression.

The event was introduced by the group leader of Fratelli d’Italia of the XI Municipality of Rome Valerio Garipoli and moderated by Dr. Elisa Sciarra. Faces from politics and the healthcare world were thought of as speakers, who could also tell how the Italian institutions, including the current government led by Giorgia Meloni, are acting in the face of this phenomenon. Among the interventions, those of the Hon. Chiara Colosimo of the XII Social Affairs Commission of the Italian Parliament; dr. Michael Bonneaud, psychologist; Dr. Giuseppina Granito, managing director of the magazine ‘Sirene online’; Federico Palermo, student of Roma Tre University; Stefano Barone, Provincial Secretary NurSid Rome and Alessandro Saulini, secretary SurSid Ares 118.

The conference was funded by the Lazio Region and the API Onlus Social Cooperative “Arti e Mestieri. The realities of “Kairòs Health Care” and “Intellego Italia” also collaborated.

“Politics must once again play its role – explained Valerio Garipoli during the event -. In this case, alisten to people and especially young people. Institutions have a duty to put young people at ease, find ways of inclusion and above all put young people in a position to express themselves”.

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