GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE x CHAINSAW MAN brings 3 special division 4 demon hunters into the game! with a special story


Bring 3 Army of Demon Hunters Special Division 4 into the game! With a special story, give away lots of goodies!

  • The first great collaboration ‘BULLET X CHAINSAW’ starts from February 22 (after finishing the maintenance) – March 15, 2023 at 2:59 AM (Thai time).
  • Special Chainsaw Man characters ‘Makima’ ‘Power’ and ‘Himeno’ have been added to the game!
  • Limited-time Chainsaw Man exclusive stories, events, and items have begun.

February 22, 2023 – the way Level Infinity has announced the game’s first grand collab GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE shooting game RPG Sci-fi style with young nikke that has brought the chaos of ‘Chainsaw Man’ One of the most popular manga/anime series in the world right now. Successfully logged into the game as an event. ‘BULLET X CHAINSAW’ Lead an army of famous Special Division 4 demon hunters as well. ‘Makima’ ‘Power’ and ‘Himeno’ along with a story and a special event that will join the investigation with the counter-affiliated Nikkei ‘Rapi’ ‘Anise’ and ‘Neon’ starting from 22 Feb. until 15 Mar. 2023 at 2:59 AM (Thai time) Don’t miss out on this limited-edition event!

Watch the launch PV of NIKKE x Chainsawman at :

(New Story Event: BULLET X CHAINSAW)
Event Collaboration BULLET X CHAINSAW Beginning on February 22, lasting until March 15, 2023 at 2:59 am (Thai time) by bringing characters from famous anime manga. ‘Chainsaw Man’ Come in as 3 special characters: ‘Makima’ ‘Power’ and ‘Himeno’ Which will be a character that can be possessed and used to organize teams to fight in the game

In the case of other characters like ‘Hayakawa Aki’ and ‘Denji’ will appear as a special character Reinforcements to continue the story in special events. BULLET X CHAINSAW which will be the story, activities, joint operations including special maps was created specifically for the game NIKKE only

plot of BULLET X CHAINSAW Basically, there was a strange event on the surface. An unidentified energy wave was found. Appears out of nowhere, causing Ark to send a counter team up to investigate the situation. and met with a demon hunter claiming to be from “Public Safety Office, Special Division 4” in order to examine and discuss various matters The counter team then brought the entire demon hunter team back down to the arc as well. As for the rest of the story, you can follow through the levels to unlock more in the game!

in the event BULLET X CHAINSAW Player can get special character class SR ‘Himeno’ It’s free! and there are also other prizes given out in many activities such as Advanced recruitment tickets, recruitment tickets, various upgrade materials, and special avatar borders. that can be obtained from both BULLET X CHAINSAW Event and Chainsaw Pass To add coolness to the profile as well!

(3 extra characters from Chainsaw Man)

  1. (SSR ‘Makima’)
    She is the head of the Demon Hunter Unit of the Public Security Bureau Special Division 4, a Demon Hunter who works directly under the Chief Cabinet Secretary. calm and calm
    ● Class: Defender
    ● Location Burst 2
    ● Weapon: Submachine Gun
    ● Producer: Abnormal
    ● Special application box period: 22 Feb. 2023 – 15 Mar. 2023 at 2:59 AM (Thai time).
    ● Limited characters will not participate in general recruitment after the Pick Up event ends.
  2. (SSR ‘Power’)
    She is a half-human demon. Of the Demon Hunter Unit of the Public Security Bureau, Special Division 4, specializes in using blood to create combat weapons. Loves cats. Quite blunt.
    ● Class: Attacker
    ● Location Burst 3
    ● Weapon: Rocket launcher.
    ● Producer: Abnormal
    ● Special application box period: 22 Feb. 2023 – 15 Mar. 2023 at 2:59 AM (Thai time).
    ● Limited characters will not participate in general recruitment after the Pick Up event ends.
  3. (SR ‘Himeno’)
    A Demon Hunter member of the Public Security Bureau Special Division 4. She is a senior officer and buddy of ‘Hayakawa Aki’.
    ● Class: Supporter
    ● Location Burst 2
    ● Weapon: Sniper Rifle
    ● Producer: Secret Normal
    ● How to get : Daily login in Bullet x Chainsaw event, complete the 3rd day, get her for free! and can also be obtained from mission rewards within this event. to limit breaks

and most importantly, players can experience The full PC version of the game is now available! Use a single account for cross-platform access, including battlefields, maps, and beautiful backgrounds for girls. NIKKE It has been expanded to fit wider PC monitor aspect ratios, supporting both portrait and landscape play as needed. While the already high resolution 2D imagery has been improved as well. Including the added keyboard and mouse control to make control nikkei. It’s easier to aim and destroy the enemies players face.

Download the PC version of the game at :

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE GAMES is a game Shooting RPG set in a post-apocalyptic situation with unique and intricate visuals and graphics with a unique style, led by Kim Hyung Tae from Shift Up illustrator and game designer of both NIKKE and Stellar Blade A game with unique and immersive action gameplay, enhanced by anime-influenced 2D visuals and character animations of NIKKE that can be accumulated Can play immersively with either English or Japanese voiceovers.

The game also offers a smooth shooting experience through the amazing quality of the female character graphics. And full of charm that will make players fall in love with them until this game has received a lot of attention In addition, the game also has features to be experienced in many aspects such as Gathering Elemental Characters Skill burst system Nikkei Affiliation System and a hint system that allows players to communicate with characters in the game according to different situations

Check out the official NIKKE website and community for more details.
● Game official website:https://bit.ly/3ei5pCi
● Facebook Page TH:https://bit.ly/3Rn4FdI
Youtube TH: https://bit.ly/3ROFa5p
● Discord TH:https://bit.ly/3TLl9hx
● TikTok TH:

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