Gino or Pro Jean-Athaya Thitikul, the world’s fourth-handed Thai golfer, recently took third place in the Honda LPGA Thailand 2023 women’s professional golf tournament at Siam Country Club, Old Course par 72, Chonburi Province. In the past week, it was revealed that after this he would prepare to travel to compete in the program. HSBC Women’s World Championship 2023 In Singapore between March 2-5, then he will rest for 2 weeks and prepare to travel to the United States for a long time.

Pro-China goes on to say that This year, I didn’t set a goal of how many championships I had to win. Because, as you can see, it’s not easy to win individual championships. Therefore, you will concentrate more on what you can do.

“From the past Honda LPGA Thailand shows that the preparations for the off-season are in a good direction. more developed Therefore, this year will continue to compete, winning the championship is good or not, just keep going, ”said the Chinese pro.

While selecting golfers to compete in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France Will use the score rankings starting from June 2022-2024, with the top 15 in the world getting the right to compete immediately. But each country can have a maximum of 4 athletes in each category (male-female), then the top 16 will be allocated, with each country having a maximum of 2 athletes (including the top 15) until Complete 59 people, when combined with the host who will receive 1 automatic quota, will complete 60 people.

By counting from the latest world rankings now for Thai female golfers to get the quota is Projeen-Athaya Thitikul and Patti-Paphankorn Thawatchanakit, 64th hand in the world

Pro-Chinese talks about the Olympic Games Personally, I definitely want to go. Because this is every athlete’s dream. It’s not just golf. It’s a really big goal. for herself But we have to wait and see each other again. because nothing is certain Try to preserve your own works.


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