PAVIA, 01 MAR – The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pavia has filed the request for indictment for Barbara Pasetti, the only defendant for the murder of Luigi Criscuolo, 60, known by everyone in Pavia as Gigi Bici. Pasetti is accused not only of the crime (which she herself confessed to having committed, in the interrogation of last October 5 in the Piccolini prison in Vigevano) of Criscuolo, also of the concealment of the body, of the illegal possession of the pistol with which she killed the man and 23 cartridges, and of the attempted extortion against the daughters and current partner of Gigi Bici. Criscuolo had disappeared on November 8, 2021. According to the reconstruction, that day the forty-year-old had gotten into the car with him and shot and killed him. The body had been found near Pasetti’s home, in Calignano, a fraction of Cura Carpignano, on 20 December. (HANDLE).


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