“Why haven’t you slept yet, Sugar, Sugar, Rune, your heart, can I have one? go to sleep now I’m very happy. Oh, meow meow.”

Sentences from viral clips that are popular in TikTok from testtestorm or Pink Boy accounts that become so popular that people in the TikTok world play along non-stop. leading to doubts about where this phrase “Sugar Sugar Rune” came from

The popular sentence “Sugar Sugar Rune” is a transformational magic of Chocola Meyer and Vanilla Milkshake are the two main characters from the manga. Sugar Sugar Rune young witch with a quickie heart It was published by Moyoko Anno from 2003 to 2007 in Nakayoshi magazine, and it was published in a total of 8 volumes, and the first anime was made in 2005. Studio Pierrot has a total length of 51 chapters.

The manga tells the story of two young sorceresses, Chocola Meyer and Vanilla Milz, who are sent on a mission to win the hearts of the human world. The one who gets the most hearts will be crowned Queen of the Witch World. On this journey, the girls will have to test their friendship and growth. to travel to the conclusion of an interesting story

For anyone who wants to take part in the transformation or sending power like Pink Boy, you can find fun sentences. Or a sentence that sends power and ends with ‘Sugar Sugar Rune’

illustration: Pichamon Wannasan


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