Gerardo Morales launches his presidential candidacy: where and when it will be and who supports him


The governor of Jujuy and head of radicalism, Gerardo Moraleslaunch his presidential candidacy on next March 15 at 7:00 p.m. in an act to be held at the Gran Rex Theater in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

This was anticipated from the environment of the radical leader, who will compete in the internal election of Together for Change.

The news of his imminent launch had been released days earlier during a meeting that Morales held with the leadership of the National Committee of the National Opinion Current (CON) and a large group of leaders from the province of Buenos Aires, who spoke in favor of the aspirations of the jujeo.

“He is without a doubt the best candidate that radicalism has,” said the radio leader Federico Storani at the head of the CON.

In this way, the Current of National Opinion continued the chain of demonstrations of support poured out by various radical lines in favor of Morales’s presidential aspirations, such as that of Martin Lousteau of “Renovation”, which were accentuated after the triumph achieved by the centenary party in La Pampa within the internal one with the PRO, within the framework of the first electoral test of the 2023 calendar.

Martin Lousteau with Martin Berhongaray, UCR candidate in La Pampa

Thus, a clear alignment was reflected behind the figure of the governor of Jujuy, whose presidential project continues to take flight with the solid definition of mayors, national and provincial legislators, councilors and Buenos Aires leaders, convinced that the northerner embodies “democratic ideals and values ​​and tics” of radicalism.


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