Genshin Impact

At this time on the channel Sketcho will present interesting clips about the game Genshin Impact on the point Teyvat is a fake world? which will have some interesting details In order not to waste time, let’s go see the details together.

Genshin Impact It is considered a game that has a story to follow. Whether it’s the life story of different characters or the main story of the game. The way the game can be presented is attractive. However, credit must be given to the development team for being able to create a very good work out. For this reason, the group of game fans who follow the story begin to get involved with the content and follow up to find out the truth of the world setting that the developer has set out through dialogue and various items within the game, similar to After reading a good novel, that’s it.

Which if friends are serious players in every content of the game, friends will notice the various messages that the developer has inserted into their own content to explain the story. things that happened in this Teyvat continent, butThere were some points that the players needed to interpret for themselves, resulting in many theories. Today, Sketcho will talk about the popular theory about the fact that The world of Genshin Impact or the continent of Teyvat is fake. That said, you can go see more details from the clip above.

Genshin Impact

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