The wait is finally over with the game. Like a Dragon: Ishin! Remake version of the game Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin! Which had been released since 2014 or 9 years ago, at that time the game was only made in the Japanese version and sold in only one language. Until now, when there is a remake, it is auspicious to do both in English and rebrand itself by using the name in the western market that Like a Dragon (from the former name of Yakuza for a long time).

Of course, 9 years away And how much will this new remake be worth the wait for the fans? Let’s see each other in the review article.

Like a Dragon

Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Game genre: action/adventure
Platform: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC
Available: February 21, 2023

Like a Dragon


The story of this spin-off game focuses on a character named Sakamoto Ryoma who want to avenge the death of someone who is like his own father Ryoma must investigate clues to find the real culprit. The names of the characters in the game are based on many real Japanese historical figures. But still use the faces of the characters from the main sector to put Along with the era in the game, this sector will be set in the 19th century, different from the main sector that will be in modern times.

and with that Ishin! It’s a spin-off that doesn’t have any continuity with the main storyline. Including not being related to the sector Kenzan! ever posted PS3 in 2008 and has never been made into a British version as well. So who is the newcomer to the series? Like a Dragon or Yakuza which has never touched the main sector before can still enjoy and enjoy the story in this sector without confusion

Like a Dragon

The signature feature of this game series is its intense storyline. The battle system is fierce and brutal in the Ishin! This is still full for players as usual. add story sequence proceedings The timing will be rooted in inserting the climax point. Or the point of the story still has a tact. Helps keep the content of the game interesting and playable. In addition, the storytelling also encourages players to feel the desire to go. I want to keep searching for what will happen next.

Like a Dragon


Ryoma’s combat system in this sequel is divided into four branches, each with its own unique moves and combos. And also attach an upgrade system that is easy to understand, not complicated, each line will be clearly separated by type Whether it’s a sword line, a gun line, an empty-handed line, or even a dance line that is a hybrid between a sword line and a gun line. but will focus on movements that look like dancing, etc.

Of course, every field mentioned above will have different pros and cons. Unarmed type has low attack power but high speed. Can pick up objects around him to support his strength. As for the gun type, it is good at long range attacks. But at the price of weak defense However, the game still gives freedom and mercy to players who want to earn a living in just one line until the end of the game. But if anyone wants to turn around Playing alternately depending on the situation will make the game a little more fun.

Like a Dragon

At the same time, this sector will have a system called Trooper Card where Ryoma can summon or summon people on the card to help fight in various ways, some will buff the attack power. Some allow Ryoma to use devastating skills. Or some cards will come to debuff the enemy to have some abnormal status, etc. These cards will be acquired by players through quests. Or talk to NPCs or play mini-games. Such a system allows for a lot of variety and a lot of fun in combat.

Now, the game will also have an item crafting system. And when players receive rewards for defeating enemies, doing quests or playing mini-games, there will also be items used for crafting in that amount. The further we progress through the story, the more high-level item lists to craft. This is where it feels like it’s forcing players to farm indirectly and spend a lot of time with this system.

Like a Dragon

In Ishin! There will be mini-games as well as additional quests for players to play and do. And this element is the main factor that keeps players engaged in the game for dozens of hours. If players feel like taking a break from the main story, there’s always a mini-game corner and side quests that you can take shelter in. The quests of this sector will be diverse. Most of them have funny, lighthearted stories going on during quests. Almost every quest takes a little time to complete. And even if the rewards for some quests might not be worth it. But if you get to know the ins and outs of that quest, you won’t be able to smile for sure.

Other than that, there will be mini-games like karaoke, mahjong that have been slightly modified from the main game to fit the retro theme. as well as a mini-game that lets Ryoma become a farmer. harvest or do a challenge to test your skills Including the arena All of the above are rewards for Ryoma to learn new techniques and valuable items.

Like a Dragon


The team has tested this game on the PS5 platform, which must say that the frame rate is smooth, at 60 FPS, still without falling off. Plus the texture and shadows are in good shape. In this sector remake by using Unreal Engine 4 Still, the game will have some problems in terms of camera angles when we are in a narrow place. or buildings with low ceilings That is quite disturbing enough and randomly risks us to be in a disadvantageous situation against the enemy in an unlikely way.

Even though the game has a retro theme, it’s true. But the dialogue in this game has a gimmick and narrative tactic to make it look modern without being awkward. alone playing this game Experience the atmosphere of ancient Japan Immerse yourself in a fierce combat system, mingle with girls in mini-games, and nothing could be more enjoyable than this. It is recommended indirectly that you don’t have to wait for the price reduction, it’s still worth it for this game.

Like a Dragon

Check out the trailer for the game in the clip below.

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