Anzio – “Paths, between Art, History and Archaeology”: from Friday 10 March, at 4.30 pm, at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Anzio, with “Isis, the Egyptian cult in the Rome of Caligula and Nero: between myth, history and archaeology” , curated by Professor Giacomo Cavillier, professor at the University of Cairo, the series of cultural encounters is underway which will accompany the participants on an interesting journey to promote knowledge and to enhance cultural heritage, in all forms and manifestations.

The new articulated project, approved with the resolution of the Extraordinary Commission that administers the City of Anzio, curated by the Civic Archaeological Museum, in concert with the Scientific Director Alessandro Jaia, includes seven thematic conferences, which will continue according to the following program:

– Friday 17 at 4.30 pm “The Renaissance in Rome: from Julius II to the sack of Rome in 1527”, curated by Professor Clemente Marigliani;

– Friday 24 March at 4.30 pm “Medieval Rome. The Lost Face of the City – The Reasons for an Exhibition”, curated by Professor Marina Righetti Tosti Croce, Emeritus Professor of History of Medieval Art – La Sapienza University;

– Friday 14 April at 4.30 pm “The myth of Hercules. A hero, two interpretations between Nero and Hadrian”, curated by Dr. Viviana Carbonara and Dr. Lucilla D’Alessandro, archaeological officials of the Villa Adriana Institute and Villa D’Este;

– Friday 21 April at 4.30 pm “The Fabric of St. Peter’s and the Last Judgment of Michelangelo”, curated by Professor Clemente Marigliani;

– Friday 5 May at 4.30 pm “The sculptural furnishings of the Villas of Antium”, curated by Professor Giuseppina Alessandra Cellini, PhD at the University of Tor Vergata;

– Friday 12 May at 4.30 pm “Vignola and the Farnese civilization”, curated by Professor Anna Maria Affanni, former Superintendent of Architectural and Historical Artistic Heritage of the Mibact.

The entire review falls within the scope of the activities carried out by the Civic Archaeological Museum of Anzio which, with the “Percorsi” project, will accompany citizens and tourists on itineraries of high cultural significance, in line with the mission of the museum itself, intended not only as a place of vision but also as a place of cultural formation.

For information, the Civic Archaeological Museum of the City of Anzio, Via di Villa Adele 2. Tel 06 98499427.

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