by Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games

Hello, we are happy to inform you that today we will release our first major update of 2023, which is called Fractal (version 4.1).

The Fractal update presents the chance to win an exclusive and impressive new starship, Utopia Speeder, which will allow you to fly across the surfaces of planets at high speed.

In addition, we are launching a new Expedition, Utopia, which will challenge players to work together and rebuild an abandoned solar system for the mysterious Utopia Foundation. Not everything is what it seems, and a new crafting mechanic unique to the expedition will require you to think about exploration, building, and survival in a whole new way. Some expedition rewards include the exclusive new Fearsome Visor helmet, a robotic drone, and much more.

If you are a lover of exploration, you will also find a new tool: the new Catalog of Wonders. This will showcase your most incredible discoveries, from the highest mountain to the strangest creature. This detailed record of your trip will not only allow you to easily compare records with other travelers, but it will give you new goals as you set out to find and document the most unusual sights in the universe.

The options menu has also been completely redesigned, introducing a host of new accessibility features, as well as giving you even more control over how you play and experience the game. On top of all these new features and system controls come even more changes and improvements to the game’s quality of life.

2022 was a great year for No Man’s Sky with major free upgrades like Sentinel, Outlaws, Leviathan, Endurance, and Waypoint, plus a full set of expeditions. We have 2023 planned with great things and Fractal is just the starting point.

Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to us!

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