Formia – During the environmental surveillance activity in the area, the staff of the Environmental Police Operational Unit (NOPA) of the Port Authority of Gaeta, jointly with that of the local maritime office of Formia, to complete specific, articulated survey carried out with the help of technicians from ARPA Lazio – Latina section, on 28 February and 01 March, during a check at a shipyard operating along the coast of the Municipality of Formia, he ascertained an uncontrolled deposit of hazardous and non-hazardous waste on a state-owned maritime area of ​​approximately 7,000 square meters.

As a result of the investigations, significant findings emerged violations of environmental legislationattributable not only to the incorrect management of waste produced during construction site activities, but also to the lack of the necessary single environmental authorization (AUA). The control activity also involved the personnel of the Fire Brigade, whose intervention was requested by the military operating in order to also verify compliance with the fire regulations.

The disputed conduct of the shipyard concessionary company is now being examined by the Judicial Authority of Cassino, to which the owner has been referred for violations of the “Consolidated Environmental Act”. The state-owned area in question, in total
7,000 square meters, and the waste illegally stored there was ssubjected to criminal seizure by the military personnel of the Coast Guard who conducted the investigations. The environmental surveillance activities of the Judicial Police Units of the Port Authority of Gaeta and of the local maritime office of Formia, in line with the operational planning of the National Environmental Control Center of the General Command of the Port Authority Corps, are still in course to ascertain further illicit conduct to be brought to the attention of the competent Judicial Authority and for the purpose of verifying any further compromises to the marine-coastal environment and polluting emissions.

For the record, and for the protection of those under investigation, we recall that an accusation is not equivalent to a conviction, that the evidence is formed in the Court and that the Italian judicial system in any case provides for three levels of judgement.

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