Cerveteri – The Giunta today approved the proposal for Recognition of Merit for all women and men belonging to the Local Police Corps of the City of Cerveteri for their extraordinary efforts in the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency.

“During the toughest months of the pandemic emergency, the agents of the municipal police of Cerveteri provided a constant and professional service, in support of the population, also in concert with the other Police Forces, Civil Protection and Asl. In those terrible days, which will remain forever etched in our memory, patrols were employed with tasks of traffic police, judicial police, administrative police. Hundreds of checks have been carried out on mobility, on commercial establishments, on gatherings. Despite the fear of contagion, the women and men of the Local Police continued to commit themselves to their duties, showing an attachment to the commendable uniform, to guarantee assistance and support to a lost and lonely population. The collaboration with the Municipal Civil Protection Group has been constant and systematic, thanks to the extraordinary work of the volunteers and the Head of Renato Bisegni, our Police Command has always been able to count on them: above all, a very delicate service must be highlighted, the distribution of vouchers. The junta therefore considered that this dedication to service, made even more burdensome by the risk of contagion, was worthy of symbolic recognition for the work done and to thank them for the great sense of duty and institutions shown in those dramatic days, thought to a formal commendation for each of them. A small but heartfelt acknowledgment for what they have done and for what, we are sure, they will continue to do”. This was declared by the Mayor of Cerveteri Elena Gubetti, at the end of today’s meeting of the municipal council with which the recognition was officially approved.

A green ribbon with blue side and central bands to be placed over the left pocket of the uniform, a Commendation to be included in the personal file of local police operators and a silver medal made completely free of charge by the local artisan company “Darmenov engravings” by Leonid Darmenov to be displayed on the institutional flag of the Local Police Corps: these are the awards approved by the Etruscan executive.

“Initially the Lazio Region had asked all the municipal administrations of the Region to indicate two figures of the Local Police Command to be commended – continues the Mayor of Cerveteri Elena Gubetti – but we were pleased to thank everyone. Because in those difficult months we weren’t just a team, but a big family that shared difficulties, worries, commitment and a great, great job. On this occasion, I would also like to thank our Councilor for Territorial Planning Riccardo Ferri, who in recent days has acted as spokesperson for the ‘Incisioni Darmenov’, a prestigious artisan company in our area in the hamlet of Ceri, for the creation of the medal that we will donate to our Local Police who will be able to display it on the command flag and for having ensured that this regional recognition was extended to all agents “.

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