Football quote: Just borrowing but running and forgetting “Wakehorst” with a smile behind the Manchester team United win the Carabao Cup


After the Carabao Cup ended on Sunday, February 26, The Manchester United team has already received the championship trophy. Team members pounce at each other, celebrating the work they’ve done together. But another image on the field that fascinates the audience is a player like “Wakehorse” who was contracted on a short-term loan and played in this important match as well The sight of him sitting on the field smiling at the fans looking at the trophy is full of emotions. Because the Carabao Cup, this cup is the first cup in his life since playing professional football until he was 30 years old, the cup that he played on the field, forgetting to play, does not matter whether he has signed a long-term contract or not. In addition to delighting himself with many impressions on the audience.

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