Fondi – Appointment at 8.00 pm at the “Dan Danino di Sarra” multimedia centre. The comedy is a tribute to Dante and the naturalistic beauties of the Piana di Fondi with hilarious moments and reflections on friendship and integration

Great expectations in Fondi for the debut of “PenZion Tony a mare”, the third and last act of the comedy written and directed by Antonella Roma “Ju Paradis po aspetà”.

The show, which will open with a clip shot at the Raddotto and the actors fleeing on a rickety raft on the shores of Lake Fondi, promises moments of comedy but also of reflection on integration, friendship and the decadence of society’s values Contemporary. In the cast, in addition to the now well-established group, also two actors of Indian nationality and the beauties of the Piana di Fondi, from the coast to the lake basin passing through the coast.

“Also in this third act – adds the author Antonella Roma – after the homage to Dante introduced on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet, there will be no lack of settings inspired by the Divine Comedy. In fact, the protagonists, chased by St. Peter who had already sent everyone back to Earth in the previous acts, will take the wrong road to end up in hell. The result will be hilarious scenes in a boarding house run by a couple characterized by proverbial vices such as a propensity for adultery and stinginess”.

“After having followed the first two acts with hilarity and sharing – comment the mayor of Fondi Beniamino Maschietto and the councilor for Culture Vincenzo Carnevale – we are all curious to discover and know the grand finale which, as we were anticipated, will pay homage to the theater popular culture and Dantesque culture but it will also be a collection of images and references to our territory. A special thanks goes to Antonella Roma and the entire company because she keeps alive a deeply felt tradition in the city, such as that of dialect theater, but also because she deals with highly topical issues such as integration, inclusion and the eternal value of friendship ”.

The comedy, promoted by the popular theater company “Attori per Caso” founded in 2015, enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Fondi. The shows will be held on 4, 5 and 6 March starting at 20:00 at the multimedia center “Dan Danino Di Sarra”.

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