The Florida Legislature is considering a law that would prohibit dogs from sticking their heads out of the windshield while the car is moving. Including the owner who cuts the cat’s nails without needing to be fined 3.5 thousand baht, in addition to many other measures

The proposed measure is part of Senate Bill 932, an animal welfare bill sponsored by Lauren Book.

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The bill stipulates that violators who open windows to allow dogs to stick their heads out of windows will be punished for violating traffic rules. It also includes other regulations. about how to transport a dog in a car, for example Do not hold your dog in your lap while driving. But requires that the dog be in a cage of the right size. Fasten with harnesses or pet seat belts. or under the physical control of a person other than the person in charge of the motor vehicle’

The American Veterinary Medical Association states on its website that Allowing a dog to hang its head out of the car window is It is always a ‘dog hazard’ as the dog may jump out of a moving vehicle.

Meanwhile, such measures, along with animal welfare regulations such as cat clipping, are becoming illegal. if not medically necessary And owners who clip their cat’s nails needlessly face a $1,000 fine.

Some animal testing is also prohibited. Don’t sell bunnies before Easter. and required the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to publish information on people convicted of cruelty to animals.



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