Fiumicino – From essential references for a coexistence based on respect for human beings, their dignity and their emotions, for the celebration of the “Day of the Righteous”, this year too the Municipality of Fiumicino is planning numerous musical, literary and graphics directed by local school teachers.

Events culminating with the conference “The Righteous as an example” organized by the IC Porto Romano, the Lions Club Fiumicino Portus, in collaboration with the School Department. The meeting, moderated by the journalist Francesca Procopio, is scheduled for 5.30 pm at the IIS Paolo Baffi. Participants Antonella Maucioni (Gariwo ambassador), Andrea Barzini (writer and director), Don Antonio Coluccia (founder of Opera don Giustino, for years in the fight against drugs and mafias to protect the most fragile), Giovanna Gagliardi (teacher and volunteer with long war camps). A meeting to tell what remains today and what will be tomorrow.

History pages. Emotional memories that intertwine an unforgettable past, made up of horrors and men engulfed in concentration camps scattered throughout Europe, with a present distorted by wars, terrorism, struggles against fundamentalist regimes and disastrous natural events that depict a violated humanity.

Reality is at the center of attention of the younger generations: the past is intertwined with the present to become a lesson aimed at the future in favor of truth, human rights and against all injustice and violence.

Young people and adults in comparison and together, to keep life alive memory of those who have distinguished themselves for their sensitivity, empathy, for having saved human lives and for having fought in favor of human rights, defending their dignity, protecting the weakest and rejecting totalitarianism and discrimination. In the past, in the present, as a sign of rebirth for a more responsible and empathetic future, built on dialogue and “where solidarity, tolerance, freedom, truth are fundamental values.”

In 2012 the deputies of Strasbourg accepted the appeal launched by the Gariwo Association (Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide) by establishing the European Day of the Righteous which since 2017 has also been a civil solemnity in Italy. It is celebrated every year on March 6th.

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