Fito Páez promises Viña del Mar a show full of hits


Fito Páez revealed what the Viña del Mar Song Festival means to him. The singer-songwriter pointed out that the event is “part of the carnal experience” that he has had with Chile for almost 40 years, reported EFE.

The vocalist, who sings this February 22 at the event, stressed that it has been like this since the first time he arrived in the country. Back then, in the 1980s, he was a keyboard player in Charly García’s group Modern Clicks.

“Going through the Viña Festival is always a very strange experience because there is the phenomenon of the Seagull that escapes from the hands of the protocol,” he commented. «It was always beautiful to come here. Viña is part of the carnal experience I have with Chile, it is part of that romp,” said the author of “11 and 6.”

The singer-songwriter, likewise, confesses that he is not afraid of the famous monster (as they call the audience that attends and decides who gets rewarded).

“I love monsters,” he admitted. “So when they told me in those years that a monster was going to receive me, I said: ‘Ah, how beautiful, finally someone similar to one receives you somewhere, I’m going to meet someone of mine and that’s how it was, “he acknowledged. Fito Páez, according to

The presentation of the Argentine musician, according to himself, will be “loaded with hits.” That will be his way of celebrating, as he said, that this Wednesday will be the fifth time he steps on Quinta Vergara. The Argentine made his debut on that stage in 2002.

the current scene

The 62nd version of the Festival arrives marked by a three-year suspension after the covid-19 pandemic hit. Also, because it has the largest number of urban artists in its history, a trend for which the singer-songwriter from Rosario was consulted.

«It gives me the feeling that they are legate forms of rock (genres like trap), I feel that they are part of the family, they have the same attitude, less chords, less texts, but the same attitude. I love them, I respect them, I have a lot of love for them. They are part of the desperate tribe that does not know what to do on this planet and they are trying to shout what is happening in the world and tell it, “said the artist during the press conference.

Latin American culture

Invited world artists, renowned comedians, and two folkloric and international music competitions: the Viña del Mar Festival is the most notable exponent of Latin American culture in Chile, and is held for six days, from last Sunday to this Thursday.

The Viña del Mar Festival has historically been an essential stage for every artist with influence in Latin America, being a wide speaker for their music or the ideal place to present a new work.

The event can be seen live through the Star + platform, starting at 9 pm.


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