Fire emblem engage It is without a doubt one of the longest running and most successful franchises belonging to the strategy genre that Nintendo has to offer. And after the release of Three Houses for Nintendo switchesnow the big N surprises us with Fire emblem engagethe second release for the hybrid console.

A captivating story from the first minute

It is important to note that before starting the prologue, the game will give us the option to choose the gender of our character, being able to select a female or male variant. Your choice will not have any weight in the events in the plot, being more a visual section that allows the player to better identify with the story.

The prologue begins with the end of a legendary journey to save the world, serving as a kind of tutorial that will show the basics of the gameplay, and after finishing off the great enemy we will end up in a deep sleep. Our character will fall into a 1000-year lethargy and in this new future we will see that the world is once again threatened by the entity that we defeated in the past and we will have to undertake a journey to avoid the devastation.

Under this scoop is how we started engage and through a great narrative we will learn more deeply about the threats of this world and charismatic characters that can accompany us on our adventure.

Something very true is that it seems that at the beginning we are facing a classic story already seen in hundreds of JRPGs, but after advancing in the plot we are seeing that elements are presented that refresh the experience and strengthen by presenting an emblematic story.

Fire Emblem Engage 2

A visual section that exploits the Nintendo Switch

The character design is very good and is perfectly complemented by the outstanding graphic section that the game has in the Nintendo hybrid. Each character has great fluidity when moving and their attacks along with their facial expressions are exceptional. The characters feel alive and the possibilities of interacting with them allow you to explore each of them further.

Although this is not all, since the cinematics are simply a work of art that dazzles with its great animation quality and makes us believe that we are watching an Anime. On the other hand, the scenarios within the cinematics and when we execute our attacks are interesting.

Fire Emblem Engage 12

Memorable supporting characters who steal the spotlight

The outstanding graphic section allows us to recreate in the most impressive way the excellent character design that each of our companions has, they look simply great and as we interact and learn more about them we will end up keeping a great appreciation.

The studio has done a great job and we are very sure that the players will end up falling in love with many waifus and husbandos. This type of detail complements offering a good experience and the feeling that your companions are people and not a simple NPC that says random phrases, enriching the immersion and plot development.

Fire Emblem Engage 21

combat system

The combat system of this latest installment of Fire Emblem It follows the design line of the previous titles in the saga. As if it were a chess board, we will have to move our units in combat to do damage to the enemies, but you must be very careful and elaborate the best possible strategy to avoid that your allies fall in battles and you end up losing the game.

Depending on the difficulty level chosen, the penalty for losing a unit and the number of strategies to be calculated will be higher or lower, offering Fire emblem engage an adaptable experience for the most experienced and the most casual.

Fire Emblem Engage

conclusion of Fire emblem engage

Fire emblem engage it offers an outstanding experience in all its aspects, making it an excellent choice for lovers of Japanese games. If you are looking for a long-lasting title with a good story, we want to tell you that you are going to love this game from start to finish.



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