Final Hour, the Netease zombie fighting game, is now available for Android in Thai store!


After opening for pre-registration in more countries including Thailand last way NetEase has opened the service for the game ZOZ: Final Hour Added on Android Store Thailand !

Anyone interested can download the game at the store link below.

ZOZ: Final Hour Third person shooting game Dabble through the zombie grove from Netease Open for registration in the Thai store and other stores around the world. In this game is the story of players who have to join forces with mercenaries into the city to collect Blood Crystal, which is the hope of saving the human race. Upon completion of the mission, he escapes from the city. Meanwhile, if during the mission fails the player turns into a zombie, it will not fail the mission but instead start a new mission as a zombie and prevent the humans from fleeing the city.

The game itself is played with other players. (Players can go alone or play as a Duo with friends) and go with other players in the room for more than 10 lives. If killed by other players or attacked by zombies, they will become zombies and our main mission will change. Therefore, equal to players in the same room will have different missions depending on whether they are humans or zombies.

main site :

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