What a summer we are going to spend this year with all the releases that we will have and among them, it is evident which one I am going to make special mention of. yes, to final fantasy 16I know that many of you are with hype through the roof and with a tremendous desire to be able to have it now on your PlayStation 5. But there is something you should know, although with the title, what I am going to tell you is more than evident .

Well yes, as you have read, you will be able to play Final Fantasy XVI before its launch, because Square Enix and PlayStation want you to feel the ground a bit before it goes on sale. Don’t you think it’s a great idea? Because to me, the truth is that yes, why are we going to fool ourselves. Now, when will this playable test be available?

The playable demo of Final Fantasy XVI will be available very close to its launch

  • The news that Final Fantasy XVI will have a playable test was announced by Naoki Yoshida himself, producer of the game. ✅
  • In the same interview in which he made this news official, he also took the opportunity to tell other details, such as the duration of the game, graphic modes and even the dubbing that it will have. ⭐
  • The playable test will be available approx. two weeks before the game is released.
  • The progress achieved through the playable test, can be saved and transferred to the game once players get their corresponding copy. 🤩

More details about Final Fantasy XVI

  • Its release is scheduled for June 22, 2023. 📅
  • Be PlayStation 5 exclusive, although in the future, it will also come out on PC (date unknown). ✅
  • can be played without the need to have done it with previous deliveries. ✌
  • Your main story will last for between 35 and 40 hours.
  • Complete it 100%, it will take you at 70 hours approximately. ⏳
  • Regarding dubbing, It will only have voices in Latin and not in Spanish. ❗
  • link to book via PS Store. 🛒

Are you going to play the demo or are you one of those who prefer to wait for its release? The truth is that I am more of the latter, but the fact that others have the opportunity to try the game before it goes on sale, is something that seems more than correct to me.


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