If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, I imagine that you have to be climbing the walls of the tremendous desire that you have to enjoy its next installment. And it is that, the community went crazy when final fantasy 16 It was officially announced. A few months after its launch, new details about the game have been revealed and these refer to its duration.

And it is that, through a press eventNaoki Yoshida, producer of the game, has announced the duration of the main story of Final Fantasy XVI, in addition to that of all the additional content that the game will have that, of course, will further expand the hours of experience of which the players will enjoy.

This will be the duration of Final Fantasy XVI

  • According to the words of Naoki Yoshida, the main story of the game will have a total of 11 hours of cinematics.
  • Complete the main story of the game, it will take players between 35 and 40 hours. ✅
  • After the main story, Final Fantasy XVI will feature numerous additional content, which will extend the experience up to 70 hours game approx. ⭐

“The important thing for us was to tell the complete story of the game, from beginning to end and that each and every one of the cinematics that compose it, are intertwined with the game experience,” Yoshida said in the interview.

More about Final Fantasy XVI

  • Final Fantasy XVI will be released on next June 22, 2023. 📅
  • Although many fans feared a possible delay in its release date, its producer assured that this would remain fixed.
  • To this day, this delivery It will be exclusive to PlayStation 5., although everything indicates that, in the future, it will also be possible to play on PC. ✅
  • If you are new to the franchise, don’t worry. can you play final fantasy xvi without having played previous installments, since It has a story that is independent from the others.. 👍
  • If you are interested in starting the saga, here you can see in which order to do it. 👀

What do you think of the length of the game? The truth is that I tend to quite like games that offer me many hours of entertainment and that have more than just a simple story.


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