Final Fantasy XVI confirms its two graphic modes on PS5; Which one is better for you to use?


Given the incredible expectations that exist ahead of the ever closer release of Final Fantasy XVI in June on PlayStation 5 (it seems that those of us who want to play it on PC will have to wait longer than desired), it is normal for us to have our eyes on any information that comes to light in relation to the latter. But those that I want to talk about here are much more relevant than the average; although it is true that they fall within what is expected of the implicit standards in the industry today.

The thing is that, according to what the companions of the portal have collected Gematsuthe producer of Final Fantasy XVI has confirmed that the game will have two graphic modes on PlayStation 5. And, if you have been following the trend that has manifested itself in the medium since it came to light on the Sony console, now You know what you can expect from these two. I leave you with all the details of them below:

The 2 graphic modes of Final Fantasy XVI on PS5

The good thing is that the game director has revealed that there are two, but the bad thing is that he has not yet revealed the technical specifications of the latter. However, and speculating with the possibility that these are very similar to previous Square Enix releases, the thing would be like this:

  • performance mode: in this mode, the priority is for the game to reach a 4K resolution at the cost of sacrificing some Frames per second 1️⃣
  • FPS mode: in this mode, the priority is that the game runs at a fixed 60 FPS at the cost of sacrificing a bit of resolution 2️⃣

Which of the 2 should I choose?

The downside is that this is a matter of taste, but there are two rules that I always follow before choosing in which graphic mode I start to play a specific title on PlayStation 5. I leave you with the same ones below:

  • If I prefer the game to look more impressive on screen and more defined, I will choose performance mode 1️⃣
  • If I prefer the game to go more smoothly and prevent it from jerking, I will choose FPS 2 mode ️⃣

Finally, I can only remind you that Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22, 2023 on PlayStation 5.


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