In an update released for the smartphone game GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKEa new outfit for the character was announced Makima of the franchise Chainsaw Manwhich appears as part of an update currently available in the application.

What stands out in this new wardrobe update is that the coat of Makima, which previously slung over her shoulders and prevented players from getting a full look at her rear in her shooting stance, has been removed. Of course, the new design caught the attention of gamers, and has inspired comments specifically focused on that “now you can see Makima’s ass in all its splendor“.


Prior to this update, it was not possible to see Makima’s butt when she crouched to shoot, as it was hidden behind the coat that fell down her back. It should be noted that this “looking at asses” is not uncommon, in fact, it is the main attraction of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE as a video game for smartphones. Due to the player having a third-person view of the girl in question, when she crouched down to shoot, her behind was perfectly exposed.

The new outfit Makima it will be implemented after the update on March 2. Those players who get Makimaa character SSR (the minimum chance of capture in the gacha)they will be able to get it immediately as part of the collaboration “BULLET X CHAINSAW” currently available.

Of course, this attracted a variety of comments, such as:

  • «Well, the truth is that in the series he has not always worn his coat, so it makes sense either way».
  • «So now they offer two possibilities for Makima. that really is marketing».
  • «Well, he finally took off his coat. Everyone happy?».
  • «The simps really wanted this».
  • «Thank you very much for listening to our pleas, please bring more alternative outfits soon».
  • «Many people were angry about the coat issue, I am surprised to see that a company listens to its users».
  • «We did it guys! Our pleas have been heard!».
  • «Thank you very much for this, I really appreciate you listening to the feedback from the fans.».
  • «I don’t even like Chainsaw Man but I think this is a win for everyone».

Fountain: InsideGames


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