Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), through Operation Cacique Maracay, arrested a citizen carrying war material in the state of Aragua. This was reported by the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernandez Larez.

Through his account on the social network Twitter, he specified that the detained subject is linked to criminal groups that disturb social peace in the state of Aragua.

It should be remembered that the FANB maintains an offensive in the state of Aragua, with the Cacique Maracay operation, with which they intend to locate criminal groups settled in the Valleys of Aragua and the Coastal Range.

“In operation “Cacique Maracay” #FANB detains a subject carrying war material, linked to groups that generate violence that alter social peace in the state of Aragua,” published Hernández Lárez, along with photos of the operation.

“#FANB guaranteeing Citizen Peace in @REDICentral_ and @Redi_Capital2 with Operation Cacique Maracay,” added the Chief of Ceofanb.

FANB against armed groups and drug trafficking

In another procedure, the FANB together with the Citizen Security organizations captured three subjects in Zulia state, for generating violence associated with drug trafficking; while in Cojedes two citizens with a firearm and drugs were arrested.

“#FANB together with the CSOs guarantee social Peace, by fighting the armed groups that generate violence associated with drug trafficking. Only the State may possess weapons of war,” Hernández Lárez said on Twitter.

Illegal fuel extraction

On the other hand, the Chief of the Ceofanb reported the arrest of a subject for carrying out illegal extraction in clandestine fuel intake from the Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) polyduct in the Morón-Yaracuy section.

With these illegal actions, damage is caused to the “strategic facilities of the Venezuelan State,” added Domingo Hernández Lárez.

“Irresponsible and unscrupulous subject arrested for carrying out illegal extraction in a clandestine intake of fuel from the PDVSA polyduct in the Morón-Yaracuy section, and damaging the strategic facilities of the Venezuelan State,” said the Chief of Ceofanb.

Arrested for extracting sea cucumber

The Chief of the Ceofanb also reported on the capture of four citizens in Anzoátegui, for the extraction of sea cucumber for sale, a species under permanent ban.

«It is the duty of all citizens to defend the environment and genetic resources. CSOs apprehend 4 unscrupulous citizens who were extracting sea cucumbers for sale, a species that is permanently banned,” he added on the social network.

FANB maintains fight against illegal mining

As part of the defense of the environment, the FANB continues to be deployed in national parks to guarantee the conservation of natural resources.

«In Yapacana Amazonas state, URRAS Delta Amacuro, Barinas and Táchira dismantle illegal mining camp, destroying among other materials, 2 engines, sieve pan, high pressure hose and fuel. Environmental conservation is a citizen’s duty,” said the Chief of Ceofanb.

“All ecocidal structures arbitrarily installed by criminal groups in areas protected by the State will be dismantled and destroyed in accordance with security and defense plans,” Domingo Hernández Lárez emphasized.


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