Falcón was the center of devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe


With the tercentennial celebration of the discovery of the canvas of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the shores of Muaco, the state of Falcón became the center of Guadalupana faith, spirituality and devotion on February 27.

From the early hours of Sunday the 26th, a Catholic deployment began so that the relic of the Virgin Morena would travel the same 10 kilometers as the March of Faith, which takes place in the month of December, with the purpose that the parishioners venerate the parchment that He appeared to a group of Caquetío indigenous people when they were returning from their fishing work.

Acts in commemoration of the Virgin of Guadalupe

More than 35 stops and at least 13 parishes were visited in the vehicle adorned with flowers, flags and rosaries, with the starting point being the Los Médanos urbanization in the Miranda municipality and the arrival point being the Menor El Carrizal basilica located in the Colina municipality .

An opportunity that was given to the believers so that the prayers, serenades and songs were offered to the invocations of the Virgin that accompanied the vehicular route, among them La Chinita, the Virgin of Coromoto, Our Lady of Lourdes, the Divine Shepherdess, Our Lady of Consolation and the Virgin of the Valley.

Mass on the beach in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Within the program and with the visit of Cardinal Baltarzar Porras Cardozo, the parishioners participated in a Eucharist on the coast of Muaco, this Monday at sunrise, to receive blessings from the same place where La Morenita made its appearance in the state Falcon.

The metropolitan archbishop, Mariano Parra Sandoval, stressed that it is a festival of the utmost importance for the Catholic Church and for the Falconian people because it is a gift of love sent from heaven.

“Three centuries have passed where the canvas remains intact, without being intervened for any type of restoration,” he stressed.

On the part of the believers, Mary Sánchez, assured that she has been on the pilgrimage of the Virgin of Guadalupe for 40 years, said that among her reasons why she maintains her fervor towards the Morenita, it is because of a miracle of life performed on her son who They were left for dead and today he is healthy.

“Since I was little I told him what the Virgin had done for us, that is why he accompanies me every year and has his faith in this mother who from above gave us the opportunity to be happy,” he emphasized.

CLEF and the Government held a special session

From the Mariano Sanctuary of El Carrizal, the special session of the Legislative Council and the Government of the Falcón state was held on February 27, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the discovery of the Sacred Canvas of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the coast of Veleñas.

The session chaired by the legislator Ulises Daal was attended by the state governor Víctor Clark Boscán, the legislators, His Eminence Monsignor Baltazar Porras Cardozo Cardenal of the Venezuelan Church, His Excellency Monsignor Mariano Parra Sandoval, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Coro and the mayors of the Colina and Miranda municipalities, Rubén Molina and Henry Hernández, respectively.

The distinguished Speaker of the Order was Presbyter Arling Moreno Yores, rector of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe of “El Carrizal” who in his speech highlighted the message that the Virgin Morena gave to the Indian Juan Diego on Mexican lands and the importance of keeping alive the Christian faith.

“We must reflect on one of the phrases that our Virgin of Guadalupe said in her apparition in 1531. I want you to build a temple to worship the true God, for whom you live without worshiping anything else! That temple is in your heart and in this sanctuary that represents a place of mercy”, he stressed.

In addition, the priestly authority recognized the effort of Governor Clark to restore and beautify the Mariano del Carrizal Sanctuary.

During the session, they awarded the “Order Santa María de Guadalupe del Carrizal” decoration in its only class by the Falcón State Governorate to personalities who, with their careers, contribute and continue to do so, to Guadalupana devotion.

In this regard, the distinction was received by Presbyter Arling Moreno Yores, His Excellency Monsignor Baltazar Porras Cardozo, His Excellency Monsignor Mariano Parra, His Excellency Monsignor Ramón Oviedo Pérez Morales, His Excellency Monsignor Roberto Lückert León, the Presbyter Pedro Giménez Guerra, Mrs. Hilda Bermúdez de Trompiz , Ms. María Quintero de Trompiz, Professor Lourdes Monasterio de Chirinos.

In addition, this important Post-Mortem Order was granted to Monsignor Julio Urrego Montoya and Professor Alejando Cerviño Russ.

Finally, the regional president expressed words of thanks to the Marian parishioners for their fervor and achievement of the activities carried out throughout the month.

“I thank the Guadalupana community for making it possible for this expression of love for God to continue in force, today I was able to fulfill a commitment made several years ago with Monsignor Julio Urrego and I will continue to be committed to making this sanctuary a meeting place all year round” , ratified.

Today was also celebrated Punto Fijo Day

The highest regional authority alluded to the arrival of the 53 years of Punto Fijo’s foundation, giving a message of hope and struggle to continue promoting the development of the thriving city.

“Today we fight to see it great, increasingly prosperous and beautiful, as a beacon of light that guides the economic prosperity of this land of grace,” he agreed to wish her a happy anniversary.

For his part, the mayor Abel Petit carried out a wreath in the Rafael González square in honor of the city, while the lawyer Luis Aular recited a historical review on the progress, improvements, achievements and potential of the area.

“In unity and commitment to its comprehensive development, we continue to work jointly with President Nicolás Maduro, Governor Víctor Clark, the various public institutions and Popular Power,” he pointed out.

This afternoon a special session will be held by the municipal chamber where the order will be granted to distinguished citizens.


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