vending machines that sell both people’s drinks and cats licking in the same cabinet

For the cat slaves Cats refusing to go to sleep late at night and harassing us give us headaches. When it was time to find snacks to give to him, it was peaceful again. But if you’re in Osaka, this problem will go away immediately. because now there is a drink vending machine that also sells treats for your cat in the same machine

The machine was installed outside the Neco Republic in Kumatori City. The cabinet is outstanding with a cat ear design. with drinks for sale as normal cabinets But on the right side, there are cat treats for you to buy as well.

For this cat treat, Mon Petit Crispy Kiss is available in two flavors: seafood and chicken. Both flavors are 30 grams.

In addition, if you press to buy cat treats at the machine and what it is. The device will send a cute meow sound for you as a gift as well.

Anyone who visits Osaka, can try to use this device as well.

Source : PR Times


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