Eviction of the scandalous president – brutal young coach What exactly happened in the French women’s soccer team?


The scene of French football They are one of the most successful nations. Not only the men’s soccer team that has been world champions and runner-ups in the last two World Cups, but the women’s soccer team has continued to develop. and is currently ranked 5th according to the FIFA Ranking.


But behind the scenes what happened to the French women’s soccer team was shockingly dire. when there is a case of ‘Sexual harassment’ by the person who commits it is a person in the highest position, like the president of the football organization as well.


Back in early February, French Football Federation (FFF) president Noel Le Graai was in the spotlight for being investigated for gross misconduct towards France’s women’s soccer team.


Or the truth should even cut out the word bad that comes after the word bad.


The 81-year-old president of France, who took office in 2011, has been instrumental in revolutionizing the French national team’s return to the forefront of world football. After falling to the bottom with the case of ‘breaking camp’ in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It is a serious threat to the French women’s soccer team and has been beaten by Amélie Oudia-Castera. The sports minister ordered an investigation into the highly inappropriate behavior.


The investigation has been in place since last September. By inviting 103 witnesses to testify and found a shocking story.


One of Le Graai’s actions, revealed in the document, is that the FFF chairman once asked two women’s team staff to fuck him in an ‘Un Plan à Trois’ or ‘threesome’ way.


Noelle Le Grae


He once asked a federation officer to wear a skirt while traveling to work with him. and also seizing the opportunity to A woman ‘touches the thighs’ during a plane trip even after being asked to stop doing so


Not just football players or staff. Even women football agents are also victims of Le Grae, with Sonia Zuid, 37, lured by the FFF’s chairman by presenting her plans for the development of women’s football. France in 2013, or when Zuid was just 24 years old.


But instead of meeting at the union’s office come back to his house by deceiving that there will be Brigitte Henriques, who at that time was the president of the French Women’s Football Federation Will join to listen too


As it turns out, when Zuid arrived, he found only Le Graet alone, with the words of comfort: “If we were closer than this I will help you push your ideas.”


The report also stated that Le Graet aimed to ‘Damage to the victim’s honor’, especially at the time when he became unconscious due to his alcohol use. Until the federation officials even assigned a secret code for the time when the FFF president began to mess around.


And even when questioned, he still acts like a pedophile. By flirting with a female footballer who is part of the national team with extremely inappropriate messages.


The atrocity of Le Graet discovered by investigators It’s all well planned out that the FFF chairman will try not to leave any traces that could later be used as evidence to tie himself up.


Given Le Graet’s demeanor, it’s no surprise that one of the world’s top French women’s soccer teams is now suffering serious internal problems.



Because people in the head try to both ‘press’ and ‘ride’ women’s football teams like this. News about the atmosphere within the national team camp to the way coaches like Gorinn Dirk treat their players so badly. Until the players in the team began to boycott. So it may not be surprising.


A few days ago, Wendy Renard, the tough captain who was the most outstanding footballer of the young hen team. Declared not to return to play on behalf of the national team until the situation within the team began to improve. This will keep her from playing for France at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which kicks off in Australia in June.


“I have defended the blue, white and red jersey 142 times with love, respect, commitment and professionalism.”​ Renard said in a statement. “I love France more than anything. I may not be a perfect person. I’m very far from using that word. But I cannot bear to support the current regime. This is far from what is essential for playing at the highest level.


“It was a sad day. But it’s necessary to prevent my mental problems.”


Renard is not the only international player to announce his retirement from France, with Marie-Antoine Gatoto and Cadiyatu Diani also refusing to call up France for the Women’s World Cup. as well


One of the main reasons that the French community is known is The rift between Renard and his long-established coach Diark. The captain’s armband was once stripped in 2017, only to be returned in 2021, while Catoto was omitted from France’s 2019 Women’s World Cup squad despite being the top scorer in the French Women’s League.



Sarah Bouhaddi, former French goalkeeper once said on the farewell day of the national team that “Winning titles with this coach is impossible for me. We played in a very negative environment. I can’t see the picture that I’m going to win any titles. with this manager And there are a lot of players who think the same but haven’t said it yet.”


Reynald Pedro, former Lyon manager He once criticized Diark’s work for not knowing how to take care of any football player. But every time a player returns from playing for the national team ‘There will always be a mental breakdown’ and it is a heavy burden on the club to look after and rehabilitate these players.


However, the latest FFF confirmed that Le Grae had resigned from his position. without pleading guilty to all the allegations that were made and there is news that the Ark The FFF president took charge of the French national team in 2017 after making her name as the first female coach to coach a senior men’s team with Clémont. At the league level (Division 2) in 2017, it is preparing to bid farewell to the position as well.


Although no one can answer that this will be the turning point that makes things Is it better in French women’s football?


But at the very least, it’s better than letting it go the way it was without thinking about doing anything.



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